Ron Roenicke: ‘Things Are Okay’


Roenicke is trying to remain positive despite a failing season. Mandatory Credit: Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

The Milwaukee Brewers, who won a rare series against the Atlanta Braves this past weekend, are sitting in last place in the NL Central at 31-43. But according to manager Ron Roenicke, things are fine.

“I think it was a good series,” Roenicke told’s Kevin Massoth. “We had bases loaded and had a chance to [get a] base hit to tie it, and something better than that, we go ahead. We still battled and came back, so I like the way we did that and had some good relief pitching today. Things are okay.”

But are things really okay?

The Brewers have the second-worst ERA in the National League, they’re without two of their best hitters in Ryan Braun and Corey Hart, and a zombie invasion is more likely to happen than getting a hit with runners in scoring position. But in Roenicke’s mind, because Milwaukee won a single series against the Braves, things are suddenly okay. No. That’s not how it works.

Maybe Roenicke is just trying to remain positive during a failing season or maybe he’s really that delusional.

What do you think Brewers’ fans? Are the Brewers okay? Leave us a comment and tell us your thoughts.