20 Years Later, the Sausages Still Rule

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The Presidents Race

I tried really hard to come up with some good zingers for the Presidential races at Nationals Ballpark, but the truth is it’s really hard. Next to the Racing Sausages, the Presidents are the only clear front-runner for the throne.

It has everything you need for a good mascot race: continuity, local

I bet on Teddy BEFORE it was cool. (

Brad Mills

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significance, and great fan involvement. They even expanded well – they’ve since added William Howard Taft to the mix to bring in a nice piece of Presidential baseball history. Taft invented the seventh-inning stretch when he found his seat was cutting off his girth most unpleasantly, and social protocol being what it is – you stand when POTUS stands.

Thus a tradition we never knew we needed was born. Much like mascot racing and baseball in general, there is much that defies understanding.

The problem is that the Nationals sold out. Once they realized that the much-maligned Teddy Roosevelt and his tremendous losing streak was a viral hit, they began doctoring results. Even his first win only occurred when the other participants were filibustered before the finish line.

Washington, D.C. needs real leaders — now more than ever. So much for pulling yourself up by your bootstraps, Teddy.