20 Years Later, the Sausages Still Rule

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Pepsi Bottle Race

The Pepsi Bottles have the money, sure, but where’s the heart? (photo from tampabay.com)

I saw this during a research stint on the Fox Sports website, and it reminded me how commercialized the mascot races are getting. It used to be about the joy of the game, you guys.

From what I can tell, the Pepsi Bottle race looks a heck of lot like Tropicana Field, the stadium they call home and whom their parent company owns the naming rights to: they are poorly built and no one seems to like them very much.

Even still, they’ve been going strong since the beginning of the century with strong corporate backing and they get an extra nod for having a co-ed roster of racers. Maybe someday we will be able to share the joy of the Pepsi bottle race with our grandchildren.