The Most Positive Milwaukee Brewers Article Ever


Jonathan Lucroy is playing like Johnny Bench. Mandatory Credit: Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

I have great news! The Milwaukee Brewers are only 18 games back in the NL Central and only a mere 17 games under .500. How fantastic is that? Ponder this for a second; if the Brewers duplicate their longest win streak in franchise history (13 games), they will be only five wins away from a winning record. And don’t forget, the Brew Crew have already laced together nine wins in a row so 13 is very doable. Milwaukee should be overwhelmingly happy with these odds.

The Brewers are exactly where they want to be at this point – slowly (but not really) creeping up the division. They have the Pittsburgh Pirates and the St. Louis Cardinals in their sights. The Bucs and Birds better watch out. This Milwaukee team is dangerous. They are just pretending to suck so opposing teams fall asleep on them. That’s when Ron’s Wrecking Crew will attack. Carpe Diem!

Ron Roenicke should be on his way to an extension. What he has done with this group of players is remarkable. He has single-handedly called more bunts than any manager in the history of baseball. And everyone knows how breathtaking bunts are. Way to go, Ron!

Jean Segura and Carlos Gomez are leading this team to a triumphant last place finish and Ryan Braun is cheering as loud as he can from the bench. Braun is doing more good from the pine than by actually playing. I mean, his video game skills were very lackluster. His stint on the disabled list has surely given him time to improve. And video games are more important than the actual MLB season, right? Besides, the Brewers have no need for Braun right now. Logan Schafer is performing at a superstar level and might just be playing his way into a contract similar to the one Prince Fielder received.

The starting rotation is continuing to be a nice surprise. Coming into the season, I thought every single one of the Brewers opening day starters would have an ERA over 4, but only 80 percent of the rotation does! Nice!

Yuniesky Betancourt is probably the team’s MVP so far. Without him, the Brewers would have only 34 wins instead of 35. He’s a clutch son of a gun. So Yuni, whatever magic you’re conjuring, keep doing it. You’re awesome and every writer here at Reviewing the Brew thinks so.

Milwaukee’s base runners have been caught stealing 26 times – good enough for second-most in the MLB. How impressive! The Brewers should really smile about that stat. I mean, the Crew does lead in stolen bases as well but getting caught stealing is much more delightful. Am I right?

I am just so glad that Francisco Rodriguez is back with the team. He is such a good guy. Besides beating up his girlfriend’s father and then later attacking her, he’s an all-around good person. Kudos to the Milwaukee Brewers organization for bringing him back. It doesn’t get any classier than that.

From top to bottom, the Brewers lineup is the best in baseball. The reason they are dead last in the Central and 17 games under .500 can be blamed on bad, horrible, rotten luck. That’s all there is to it. Every game Milwaukee has lost can be blamed on bad luck. It’s true. Look it up.

Every morning I wake up, excited to be alive because I know that the perennial Milwaukee Brewers play today. I would argue that this season is loads better than the 2011 season where the Brewers went on to the NLCS. How would I argue that, you ask? Well, the Brewers had Randy Wolf that year. They don’t this year. Case closed!

The Brewers are getting ready to make a run for the top. I fully expect them to win every remaining game they have this season.