The Hall of Brewers We Won’t Miss Is Back!


Last year, around this time, I introduced a new RtB tradition: The Hall of Brewers We Won’t Miss.

The purpose of this was to give awful players, from our franchises storied history, a place to hang their gloves forever.  While it may not be an honor to be inducted into this particular “Hall”, it gives Brewers fans a way to remember that things can always be worse.

The first time around was great fun, but I decided to make a few adjustments.  For season two, we will be doing things differently.

This season we will have every staff writer at RtB, excluding myself, pick one player to nominate.  In addition to those four fabulous gentlemen, I will also be seeking three additional baseball writers/personalities to place their own nominees.  Once all seven of the nominees have been placed into the ring, we will give you two weeks to vote.  Unlike last season, this time around we will only be inducting one player into “The Hall”.  Once the votes are tallied, yours truly will write a very beautiful and moving induction speech for the winner.  And even though last season it was suggested that we reach out to the actual player to write their own speech…that will not happen.  I may be a dick, but even I have a line I won’t cross.

Qualifications break down into 3 primary categories:


– Money/Contract

–  Overall likeability.

If a player has been nominated in the past, he is still eligible to be nominated this time around.

Last years’ inductees, Jeff Suppan and Eric Gagne, will be getting another feature article either tomorrow or Friday.  So be on the lookout for that.

Hopefully we will have our first inductee ready by next week.   Enjoy!