Why the Milwaukee Brewers Are Still the Best in Baseball


This will be, for all intents and purposes, my last post on Reviewing the Brew. At least as a regular member of the crew. Life being what it is, all things must eventually come to pass.

It’s been a great few years working for this site, and being able to cover the Milwaukee Brewers in this capacity – from when we were just a weird backwater outpost that made fun of Mark Kotsay and threw poop jokes out to the internet, to watching Fansided grow into a wonderful community of talented people who do amazing work.

There’s not really an easy to do this kind of thing – articles like this are much better suited to loftier people. You know, those fifty-something sportswriters that wear sweaters all the time and wax poetic about how the game used to be and how they could take the train for a nickel to see a ballgame.

That’s not really me – and that’s definitely not Milwaukee or the Brewers. We’ve always been different, and we always will be. And that’s pretty damn awesome.

It’s been a great ride – but there comes a time when you need to hand the ball over to the fresh arm. Except in complete games, but you get the idea. (Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports)

The Milwaukee Brewers will continue to hold a very special place in my life and I will continue to swear at them and throw things around my house because of them and get into arguments with close friends because of them and drink way too much after they win and after they lose. Because being a Brewers fans means dedicating months of your life to some pretty long-shot odds. This is a team on the outskirts of recognition. It’s an organization that isn’t much older than a lot of current fans’ parents. There isn’t a storied history.

The team is building a legacy in front of our very eyes – and it’s been pretty cool to be a part of it.

The Milwaukee Brewers may not be winners in the standings – and certainly this year proves that better than most. But the organization undoubtedly treats it’s fans better than any other in baseball. They rarely get stars – and sometimes those stars let you down. But for every flop and foul-up this team has they find a way to dig in and take one more crack at it. They’ve suffered a lot of setbacks and in my time following them but they adjust, adapt, and move on.

And that’s kind of how baseball is. It keeps changing, whether you like it or not.

Sometimes – like in Braun’s situation – it bums you out. Sometimes – like with Rickie Weeks – it can frustrate the hell out of you. Sometimes – like with losing John Axford – it makes you wonder how you’ll ever watch it the same way again. Sometimes – like with Jean Segura – it can give you a reason to keep on watching everyday. Sometimes – like Jonathan Lucroy and Carlos Gomez – it makes you look at it in a brand new way.

But I know that no matter what happens, I can never stop loving the Milwaukee Brewers. They make it very hard sometimes, but I’ll always be back on the next game. Because in Milwaukee, in baseball, and in life – you just never know what can happen next.