Reviewing the Brew Round-table: Should Yovani Gallardo go?


Here at Reviewing the Brew, we are starting a new weekly segment called the round-table. Every week, a question will be posed that each of the responding staffers will respond to and the answers will be posted on here. For this week, the question dealt with Yovani Gallardo and his future with the team:

Should the Brewers try to shop Gallardo?

Where does Yovani Gallardo’s future in Milwaukee stand? Mandatory Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Justin Schultz:

“Yes, without a doubt he should be traded. He’s an average pitcher who can’t seem to go more than five innings.”

Lou Olsen:

“Gallardo should at the very least be shopped.  If you can’t find a reasonable place for him, that is one thing.  But if you don’t even field offers, then you are basically saying “We are only half-rebuilding”.  If we are going to rebuild from the farm system up, Gallardo has to be a casualty in that.”

Curt Hogg:

“In the words of Lee Corso, “Not so fast, my friends!” At the trade deadline, we saw Gallardo’s stock fall and fall until he suffered an injury at Chicago. Even though the Brewers are at no point going to compete with their current team in 2014, I don’t think that receiving one or two fringe prospect to give up Gallardo is worth it. He’s not necessarily Corey Hart or Rickie Weeks–his best years may not be behind him. I say hold on to him until at least July 2014, when his stock may be even higher. We’d be selling at a low point if Gallardo was shopped now.”

Benjamin Orr:

“The Brewers knew that someone was going to be moved before the trade deadline this season, but nobody had a clue as to who it would be. Gallardo was supposed to be that guy, which tells me that they still have intentions on trading him. For now, keeping him in the rotation isn’t the worst possible thing in the world, because at least then the Brewers will have someone with experience to fall back on every once in a while. Then if things pick up and the market opens, by all means try to trade Gallardo, but until then it just seems like it wouldn’t generate a whole lot of good by doing it now.”

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