Brewers Fans React To End Of Season On Twitter


It’s over.

With Sunday’s loss to the New York Mets, the Milwaukee Brewers finished the 2013 season with a 74-88 record, finishing fourth in the N.L. Central. It was an extremely disappointing season for the Crew, who failed to compete all year. Still, Ron Roenicke, along with the rest of the coaching staff, is set to return and try to improve on an all-around dreadful year.

It should be a quiet winter for Milwaukee as I don’t expect any big (or medium-sized) moves to take place. The Brewers are firm on building from within.

With 2013 now behind us, let’s see what some fans were saying about the Brewers on Twitter.

And my personal favorite.

That’s it for 2013. Before you check out until Spring, let me know how you think the Brewers will do next season.