Brewer Daily News for October 4th, 2013: Gamel picked up by Cubs


Good morning everyone and welcome to the Friday edition of Brewer Daily News. After being placed on waivers, former Milwaukee Brewers’ first baseman Mat Gamel was claimed by the Chicago Cubs yesterday. This signing may force the Brewers to make corresponding moves.

Taylor Green could be back in Milwaukee come 2014 if the team runs out of options. Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Gamel, 28, was placed on waivers recently after having two back-to-back seasons that he sat out due to a torn ACL. The Cubs picked up Gamel yesterday, hoping to add to their depth at first base behind Anthony Rizzo. As for the Brewers who need a first baseman, general manager Doug Melvin has a plan to bring back another player.

"“We’re going to try to talk to Taylor and sign him back,” Melvin said. “We were going to try to do the same with Mat had he gotten through.” – via"

Taylor Green was the third option for first base in 2013, but like the two players ahead of him, he also missed the season due to an injury. The Brew Crew’s expressed interest in Green may or may not affect whether they re-sign Corey Hart, who has offered to come back for less money.

The Brewers do need a first baseman and with nobody currently there to fill the void in 2014, their options are running thin. Soon, the team will have an arbitration hearing with Juan Francisco, whom they traded for earlier in the year to play first. After starting off well with Milwaukee, Francisco ran into a major slump and was replaced by a combination of Yuniesky Betancourt, Sean Halton and catcher Jonathan Lucroy.

As for Gamel, who made his debut in 2008 with Milwaukee, he’ll look to compete for a spot in Chicago. Gamel hasn’t played in a major league game since May 1, 2012, but perhaps could be of some use to the Cubs as they try to rebuild their team.