The Hall of Brewers We Won’t Miss: Nominee #5


It’s amazing that a guy who looks like he rolled out of an episode of Miami Vice, did not pan out in the big leagues.

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Sadly, the writer designated to take this spot has since left Reviewing the Brew.  I offered to let him still make his nomination, but he stabbed me with a spoon he whittled into a shank and left me for dead (this is a dramatization of actual events, which may not have happened).  Then when I was on the ground he dumped hot coffee on me and sang Nikki Minaj songs until I cried.  You know who you are

Colin Bennett

Mr. Guy Dudebro…

That means that I will be making the 5th nomination.

We have had a lot of more recent Brewers and for those of you not born in the 90’s, I thought I would go old school for my nominee.

Nominee: Billy Jo Robidoux

This is Billy’s second nomination.  Last year he was nominated by Justin Hull, star of WSCO Radio’s “Home Stretch” and friend of the site (follow him @JustinHullRadio).  I will share one of my thoughts from last year, followed by some new stuff.

"“What made Billy Jo Robidoux so depressing (aside from his name and general appearance) was that the team really gave him every opportunity to succeed as a player, and they got squat in return.  They gave him 4 seasons to prove that he belonged in the big show, but he could not stick.  Robidoux was the first, in a very long line, of strong minor league players in the Brewers farm system, who completely fizzled out when they got to the major league club.”"

When I look at what I wrote last year…there is not a lot to add.  BJ Robidoux is mostly forgettable because he was SO good in Triple-A.  He was supposed to be the next

Matt LaPortaMat Gamel

superstar for this team.  He ended up averaging 1 Home Run, less than 10 RBI’s, and barely 20 hits per season as a Brewer.  The Brewers wanted the guy who had a career .412 on-base percentage during his minor league career.  We wanted to see the  power that racked up almost 700 hits, 73 HR’s, and 415 RBI’s…just in Triple-A.  We got a box of nothing. It’s like getting a check in the mail for $2,000 from your great-Aunt Maggie, only to realize she just forgot to put a period between the first zero and the second one.  Now your great-Aunt is over extended, evicted from her retirement home, and forced to sell crack on the mean streets of Whitefish Bay!!  This is the career of Billy Jo Robidoux.  An old ladies lack of correct fiscal punctuation…

It is easy to not miss Billy Jo Robidoux, because many of you still have no idea who this guy is or was.  All you need to know is that he was one of those “#1, Can’t miss prospects”, who never became more than a bench warmer and pinch hitter.

There are 3 categories that define a true HOBWWM nominee.  Here is how Billy Jo shapes up:

Stats –  Awful, arguably some of the worst ever.  See above for career averages, or click on his name at the top if you want to witness the horror for yourself.

Money/Contract – The Brewers drafted him and let him walk after his original contract was up, so this is probably not as bad as some of our other nominees.

Likeability – Check out that mustache.  What more do you need to know than that?  Last time anyone heard from him, he was a High School umpire in Massachusetts.  So draw your own conclusion based solely on that information.

Now it is up to you.  When it comes time to cast your vote…is Billy Jo Robidoux a player you Won’t Miss for all of eternity?  Or is he just that guy who you have never heard of and care nothing about?  You will have to decide soon enough.