Reviewing the Brew Round-table: Corey Hart’s impact next season?


The Milwaukee Brewers face a few questions coming into this current offseason, but not so many that it will distract the team’s plans. That said, there’s one player in particular who could be of some use if the team were to strike a deal with him.

This week’s question: “If the Brewers re-sign Corey Hart, how much of an impact will that make on the team?”

Justin Schultz:

“I think the Brewers will and should re-sign Corey Hart. He is willing to take less money to stay in Milwaukee and Doug Melvin would be foolish not to get a deal done. While I believe in Juan Francisco, Hart would be a much better option to play first. He has the rare combination of power and average. He has All-Star potential when healthy.”

How will Corey Hart’s bat affect the line-up, should he return to the Brewers? Mandatory Credit: Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

Ryan Connor:

“I think it would be foolish of the Brewers to not bring Hart back if he comes at a discount. Regardless of what you think of the Brewers’ competitive situation, Hart helps in both ways. If you want to be competitive, he’s easily the best 1B they can get.  If you want to rebuild, trading Hart away in July makes a lot of sense. Even a hobbled Hart is a major improvement over the debacle that was 1B for the Brewers in 2013, and if we’re talking 5-7 million for one year, it’s a steal.”

Curt Hogg:

“I’m a bit torn between the two options here. On one hand, we saw the Brewers give a solid look at Juan Francisco and, though he showed glimpses of everyday ability at first, but a .227/.296/.422 slash line and an abysmal 16.7 runs above average and a -14.6 UZR/150, Corey Hart is the best option. Sorry to Sean Halton, also; it was nice knowing you, but it’s Corey Hart until Hunter Morris makes a splash at the big league level.”

Lou Olsen:

“This is an incredibly loaded question.  A better question would have been, what won’t it change? Curt and Justin hit a lot of points that I do not need to rehash. But here is what it boils down to: Adding Corey Hart would impact just about every aspect of the Brewers organization. It would make certain players expendable, while giving another (Hunter Morris) a little more time to work out his game. This move would also render guys like Rickie Weeks and Aramis Ramirez less valuable, since their saving grace is being a power hitter. Adding Hart to Lucroy, Braun, and Gomez…virtually eliminates a need for another power bat. I think that this move would have an incredible after shock to this organization and many of the players in it. It is the right move though. Hopefully Uncle Mark and Aunt Doug will pull the trigger.”

Benjamin Orr:

“If the Brewers were to make a deal with Hart, this could work out in so many ways. For one, Hart is willing to come back for significantly less money and with the Brewers’ already having back loaded deals on guys like Weeks and Ramirez, it would make sense financially. Plus, statisically, it would be a no-brainer to bring back Hart to play first. Francisco is not the option at first and I’d be willing to put Halton and Taylor Green at first over Juan. Hart is a career .276/.334/.491 hitter with some power and his bat would definitely be welcomed with open arms. Looking at potentially what this line-up could do next season would easily make Milwaukee one of the better offensive teams in the game, provided they can score runs, and Hart can be a big part of that.”

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