Reviewing the Brew Round-table: Jean Segura in 2014


As the Milwaukee Brewers head towards the future with their current roster, they do so with one of the best talents from this year. 23-year-old Jean Segura was on an absolute tear this past season, which gives us hope for the future.

The question this week is, “Do you expect to see the same, more or less production out of Jean Segura next season?”

Jean Segura emerged onto the major league scene in 2013. Can he repeat next season? Mandatory Credit: Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Justin Schultz:

“Jean Segura will contend for a batting title in 2014. His body shouldn’t wear down this time around and his consistency will improve. After a couple of months of tearing the cover off of the baseball, the Brewers will sign him to a long-term deal and Milwaukee fans will rejoice. Segura is the real deal and only an injury will slow him down. With that being said, he needs to focus on hitting more line drives if he expects to hit .320 next season. But he’s a young kid. I’m sure he will improve on almost everything next season.”

Ryan Connor:

“I don’t expect the Jean Segura we saw the first two months, or the Segura we saw the last four months, but one in between.  It’s highly unlikely that the Segura we saw is anything that we can come to expect.  Almost no player can sustain that level of offensive production.  I know the answer is boring, but somewhere between those two extremes.  I think we’ll see slightly improved production from this last year stemming from an improved approach, but nothing that will make him an MVP candidate.”

Benjamin Orr:

“It’ll definitely be interesting how Segura fares in 2014 after fatigue hit him hard at the end of this past season. That said, I think Segura will still remain to be one of most feared hitters in this line-up. He may not have the power that Carlos Gomez, Jonathan Lucroy, Ryan Braun and even Khris Davis display, but Segura finds ways to get on base. Realistically, he’ll be hitting somewhere around .290 because I’m not too sure we’ll see him sustain his average that was well over .300 for the majority of this season.”

Well that’s what we had to say, how about you? Let us know what you think in the comments below!