Interview With Brewers Prospect Tyrone Taylor


After his first season was riddled with injuries, Milwaukee Brewers OF prospect Tyrone Taylor bounced back in 2013 and put up some big numbers. For Class-A Wisconsin Timber Rattlers, Taylor boasted a .274/.338/.400 with eight home runs and 57 runs batted in.

Drafted in the second round in 2012, Taylor has started to open some eyes. In June, he was named the Midwest Player of the Week after hitting .438.

I interviewed Taylor back in February and recently had the chance to talk with him again.

After last season was cut short by injuries, you bounced back extremely well. Were you pleased with your performance?

Yeah definitely. It was a lot of fun playing with the guys I was around and it was good that I stayed on the field injury free.

How much do you believe in advanced stats like WAR?

I’m not a real big stat guy. I just try to focus on getting better everyday.

What stats do you mainly use to judge your performance?

I really try not to focus on stats at all during the season. Just prepare myself and let it all fall into place. They post how many good team at-bats we have a month in the club house, so that’s pretty cool.

You were named the Midwest Player of the Week and hit .438 in June. How were you able to keep performing at such a high level for the entire month?

It was a fun month. It got warmer and it made it more fun to play with more fans coming to the games and everything and I just stuck with my routine and didn’t try to do too much at the plate.

Do you know if you’ll remain in Class A in 2014 or will you be promoted?

I try not to think about that. I just have to keep working hard and only time will tell.

When I interviewed you before the season, you said your biggest goal was to stay healthy. Now that you’ve accomplished that, what’s your goal for next season?

My main goal for every season will definitely be to stay on the field.

You played 122 games this season. Does your body feel the effects?

Oh definitely. It was the most worn out my body has been. I always compare the last three weeks or so to everyday feeling like you just played a football game. But it was fun grinding through it and it lets you know how hard you have to work in the offseason.

Who’s your closest friend on the team?

I’m pretty close with all of my teammates. We got along real well. I’d say Big Vic (Victor Roache) is the closest though, probably because we were always around each other.

Would you rather hit a walk-off home run or gun a runner down at home plate to end the game?

That’s a tough one. I think gun the runner down at the plate to end it.

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