Reviewing the Brew Round-table: Hot Stove Months


The Hot Stove months are now upon us and with all the rumors flying around, one has to wonder what the Milwaukee Brewers will be up to in the coming months. As free-agency begins to start it’s yearly journey, should the Brewers pursue anyone in particular?

The question for this week’s round-table was, “Is there anything in particular you would like to see the team do during the Hot Stove months?”

What kind of team will manager on Roenicke and company have in 2014? Mandatory Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Ryan Connor:

“I don’t think the Brewers have to do much of anything this Hot Stove season. Moving Nori Aoki would probably be the best thing to do. I do not advocate moving him for the likes of Ike Davis or Duda from the Mets, but move him for a lottery ticket. I don’t think moving any other pieces are really likely.”

Lou Olsen:

“No. Stay the course. If you are committed to rebuilding, then for the love of Molitor rebuild. Don’t drop a few million on a player who will only be a part of the roster for one season. We won’t compete for the Central this year regardless if who you bring in. Stay the course. Molitor. Don’t Suppan this.”

David Grant:

“Make Tiger second basemen Omar Infante an offer. Scooter Gennett deserves the chance to start everyday; however, there needs to be a Plan B. Also, Infante plays shortstop and third base which will be a need at some point during the season due to injuries. Pitching and first base are bigger needs, but I just can’t see the Brewers spending any significant money required to upgrade in these areas.”

Benjamin Orr:

“If the Brewers do anything, it should be signing a left-handed relief pitcher. Tom Gorzelanny is the only left-hander on the entire roster and not many bullpens survive on just one lefty alone. There are guys like J.P. Howell, Boone Logan and even Matt Thornton out there so they need to make some offers. Other than that, I’d like to see Corey Hart back and that’s it. The Brewers don’t really need to make that many moves externally this offseason besides maybe floating out trade rumors for Yovani Gallardo and Aramis Ramirez.”

Well that’s what we had to say. Let us know your response in the comments below.