Aramis Ramirez for Logan Morrison makes sense


As has been known all offseason, the Miami Marlins have been interested in shopping first baseman and occasional outfielder Logan Morrison. The Marlins have a critical need for a third baseman, which is where Milwaukee can help.

The Brewers can benefit by trading Aramis Ramirez for Morrison, which helps everyone.

The Brewers would be smart to consider trading Ramirez (left) for Morrison (right). Mandatory Credit: Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

With the Marlins signing first baseman Garrett Jones, it only strengthens their push to trade away Morrison. With the flurry of first baseman signing to teams, the Brewers still remain without one and progression with Corey Hart has seemed to stall. Brewers’ general manager Doug Melvin has made it clear that the team is heavily pursuing someone for first and they aren’t going to wait forever for Hart to accept just a one-year deal instead of the multi-year contract that he wants.

Morrison would make sense for Milwaukee because not only is he healthier than Hart, but he’s also five years younger. At 26, Morrison would help make up a rather young infield when you throw in Jean Segura, Scooter Gennett and Jonathan Lucroy. Of course, the problem with trading Ramirez for Morrison is that there is no viable option for third base unless the team sticks Juan Francisco there, which in theory could work, but in actuality who knows how his defense next season will compare to 2013.

There may be concerns that Morrison wouldn’t provide the same power and presence that Hart brings, but in 2013 he posted a higher BABIP (.281) than in 2012 (.248). He also struck out less (17.4 to 16.8 percent) and was on base more (.333 OBP compared to .308 in 2012). However, there was a decline in power as his .133 ISO was down from 2012’s .169 and had a -0.6 WAR as opposed to 2012’s -0.1.

I can see why people might have their doubts about Morrison, but he wouldn’t be a bad trade especially if the Brewers were giving up Ramirez in return. 2014 is Ramirez’s last guaranteed season in Milwaukee, so why not try to see if you can get something for him? Miami has a dire need for a third baseman and who better to fill that role than a successful veteran who can still contribute to a team (1.4 WAR in 2013). This is a deal that should happen as soon as possible because the Brewers don’t want to keep missing out on first basemen.

What do you think? Should the Brewers just stick to try to re-sign Hart or should they pursue Morrison? Should they do neither? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.