Great Moments in Brewer Facial Hair: Pete Vuckovich


The Racing Sausages ride on Harley Davidson motorcycles before a game at Miller Park. Mandatory Credit: Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

Nothing beats good facial hair. Whether looking back at the 1972 Oakland A’s or the modern day Boston Red Sox, baseball and facial hair go together like rally caps and desperation. The rich history of beards, chops, and general shagginess very much applies to Brewer history. Today we celebrate Pete Vuckovich, Brewer pitcher and master of intimidation.

Brewer Memories
In 1980, Vuckovich was acquired by the Brewers in a seven player trade along with Rollie Fingers and Ted Simmons.

Despite being hurt most of the year, Vuckovich won the Cy Young Award in 1982, winning 18 games and posting an ERA of 3.34. He was a key component to the team’s pennant winning season, pitching in the decisive fifth game of the ALCS against the Angels as well as two games in the 1982 World Series against the Cardinals.

My favorite memories of watching Vuckovich play was how he always tried to catch line drives with his pitching hand. Watching this happen time after time must have driven his coaches crazy. Pretty sure Vuckovich could not have cared less.

Fun Fact
Vuckovich played Yankee slugger Clue Haywood in the 1989 movie Major League.

The Facial Hair
Some have labeled Pete Vuckovich’s mustache (from his Brewer days) as a Fu Manchu and I really don’t want to get all tied up in mustache semantics, but his upper lip hair connects, giving him handlebars. Vuckovich sported “handlebars”, also known as a “horseshoe” or “biker.” Combined with his size (6’4”, 220lb) and strange behavior (lots of fidgeting, yelling, and sticking his tongue out mid wind-up) the handlebar mustache was a perfect fit. After his role in Major League, I am very surprised he didn’t get every movie biker role available. Vuckovich could have been a certified “That Guy” whenever a Harley rolls up on screen.

Here’s to Pete Vuckovich and his handlebars.

What is your favorite memory of Vuckovich? Let us know below and also feel free to suggest who you would like to see featured in Great Moments in Brewer Facial Hair…