Reviewing the Brew Round-table: Any More Moves?


Will we see the Brewers make any more moves? Mandatory Credit: Reid Compton-USA TODAY Sports

The off-season for the Milwaukee Brewers has been relatively quiet and looks to continue on that way unless general manager Doug Melvin has a trick up his sleeve. Out of all 30 teams in major league baseball, the Brewers are the only team who has not signed a free-agent yet.

With the latter half of the off-season upon us, the question for this week was, “Do you think we’ll see the Brewers make any moves in this later half of the off-season?”

Ryan Connor:

“Well I imagine we’ll have to see something eventually. Possibly a Michael Young or my personal favorite, Jeff Baker. Could also see them adding a reliever. If you’re expecting anything even sort of big, I think you’ll be disappointed.”

Lou Olsen:

“I do not think they will do anything unless injuries force their hands. The team appears to be in fine shape (whatever that means). What Uncle Mark and Aunt Doug have done though, is given us cap space so we have the ability to make moves during the seasons. So there could be a move or two once the seasons starts.”

David Grant:

“I guess not, at this point if they make any moves they will be minor. The Brewers were so up-and-down and inconsistent in 2013 that it’s hard to make a deal when you don’t know what you have. Obviously bringing in a first baseman was the focus, but now it’s looking like a combination of Juan Francisco, Hunter Morris and Sean Halton may be the answer no one was looking for. Other than first base, the starters are pretty much in place and the pitching staff is young, really young if you include some of the prospects that have spent time in the majors. Hopefully the team will add some depth before the season starts and then wait and see. Once the season starts, if there is a free agent that can make a difference, the Brewers may consider making a splash then.”

Justin Schultz:

“Besides first base, the Brewers are still in need of a reliever with closing experience. They have been rumored to have interest in free agent Carlos Marmol, but his price tag may be too steep. The Brewers are the only team in MLB who have yet to sign a free agent this winter and I don’t see them making it to spring training without at least one signing.”

Pete Goodchild:

“The Brewers will dabble once more in the free-agent market, probably for a pitcher. The starting rotation looks set currently with Lohse, Gallardo, Estrada, Peralta and Thornburg, but should the right veteran be available at a good price or for an incentive laden deal, I think the Brewers back room staff might spend. I hope not, but I can see Thornburg beginning the season in the pen or down at AAA with Will Smith likely set for long relief.”

Benjamin Orr:

“I’m inclined to believe that the Brewers will continue to keep a low profile for the remainder of the rest of the off-season. They’re not a team that’s going to make a flashy acquisition and the signing of Lohse last year may be the most exciting thing to happen for the next few seasons. I could see them signing one more low-key reliever, but that’s about it.”

That’s what we had to say about the rest of the Brewers’ off-season, how about you? Let us know your thoughts!