Five Things I Know I Think


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Welcome to January’s edition of ‘Five Things I Know I Think’.

Last month, I discussed the Norichika Aoki for Will Smith trade, Corey Hart signing with the Seattle Mariners, and how I believe Martin Maldonado will bounce back in 2014.

January has been the most lackluster of months in terms of Brewers news. Honestly, I’m not quite sure if Milwaukee has a baseball team anymore, considering nobody has heard from them in months.

But, I still have to write about this alleged Milwaukee team, so here I go.

1. I think this fiasco with John Axford tipping his pitches truly shows the difference between the St. Louis Cardinals and Milwaukee Brewers organizations. Above and away, the Cardinals are a better run team. They have a tremendous knack for acquiring talent and apparently can notice when a closer on an opposing team is tipping his pitches. Brewers pitching coach Rick Kranitz still has no idea what Axford was doing. Frankly, this is unacceptable and I’m tired of watching the Cardinals out-think the Brewers in every facet of the game.

2. I think Mark Reynolds will sign with the Brewers and be the starting first baseman come Opening Day. But, I will not agree with it. With Reynolds, you know what you’re gonna get…a very low batting average with 25+ home runs  and 200+ strikeouts. While that’s all fine and dandy, the Brewers hold a lottery ticket in Juan Francisco who is fully capable of at least copying those numbers, with a chance of exceeding them. I’ve been beating this drum for awhile but I wish Doug Melvin and Ron Roenicke had more faith in Francisco.

3. I think Khris Davis will hit no more than 20 home runs in 2014. “But Justin,” you might say, “he hit 11 in just 56 games last season; you must be crazy.”  True, Davis’ power surge was uncanny but do you really believe he can keep it up? A 162-game season is gruelingly tiresome. His body will inevitably get tired – as Jean Segura‘s did in 2013 – and his production will fall. Furthermore, pitchers will adapt and start to figure him out. But don’t act like 20 home runs isn’t admirable. I’ll take that any day from a player in his first full season.

4. I think I’m ready for the Brewers to be good again. I’m ready to be inside Miller Park and experience the electric atmosphere that is the the playoffs. If I could go back in time to any point in my life, I would travel to the year 2011, just so I could see the Brewers take on the Arizona Diamondbacks in the NLDS. Nothing beats playoff baseball, and thankfully I was lucky enough to witness this.

5. I think the season needs to start. I’m running out of things to talk about.

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