Rickie Weeks: The Brewers’ Odd Man Out


Rickie Weeks’ time in Milwaukee is ticking towards the end. Mandatory Credit: Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

The potential signing of starting pitcher Matt Garza solidified one thing if the Milwaukee Brewers want to free up some salary, and that would be trading second baseman Rickie Weeks.

While many speculate that the Brewers may not trade anyone, Weeks would be the prime candidate at the moment.

General manager Doug Melvin has already said that third baseman Aramis Ramirez will not be moved as there is no one to fulfill his position and that starter Yovani Gallardo would stay. Melvin’s reasoning for keeping Gallardo was only strengthened when they inked Garza as he believes these two, along with Kyle Lohse, can help the rotation and the team contend this upcoming season.

So, why does this make Weeks the odd man out? The Brewers don’t have much of a need for him anymore and his salary would be a tremendous lift off of their shoulders providing they could find a suitor. The New York Yankees are in need of a second baseman if Kelly Johnson is stuck at third and if Brian Roberts can’t play on a consistent basis, so there’s a potential buyer. Sure, the Brewers are giving Garza $52 million over four years, but if you take out Weeks’ remaining guaranteed money, it helps ease the salary burden.

Aside from Weeks, Ramirez and Gallardo were seen as the other top candidates the Brewers could trade, but the team has made clear they do not want to part ways with the duo. The same could also be said of Lohse who will more than likely start the 2014 season as the number one in the rotation. That is why Weeks falls into that odd man out spot; this of course is providing that the Brewers are still looking to trade a player.

A lot of fans believe Weeks should platoon with Scooter Gennett at second base, but at some point it’s time to take off the kid gloves and let Scooter handle the position on his own. Sure he struggled against left-handed pitching, but that was only in 39 at-bats, a pretty small sample size. Even if Scooter falters, the Brewers do have the likes of Elian Herrera (should he be put on the 25-man roster) and Jeff Bianchi. They’re not the best of options, but they cost significantly less than Weeks.

This isn’t an article to bash Weeks for his struggles in the past two years, but an article saying that his time in Milwaukee is coming to a close. Signing Garza and giving up more money only strengthens that argument for someone to be traded and for Weeks, who if he’s platooned, might be the most expensive platoon player at $11 million. Let’s see what Milwaukee can find for Weeks.