Report: Brewers Agree To Terms With Dominican SS Yirver Gilbert Lara


Mandatory Credit:

David Manning


According to Andrew Rickli of SportsReel Boston, the Milwaukee Brewers and Dominican shortstop Yirver Gilbert Lara have agreed to a deal.

The deal is reported to be worth $3.2 million, but Lara will not be able to actually sign with the Brewers until July 2. He still needs to take a physical with the team as well.

The agreement was first rumored a few days ago, but Lara’s trainer, Jaime Ramos, said there was no agreement in place.

This will be the most money the Milwaukee Brewers have ever handed out to an international player. The previous record was $800,000, which they set in 2013.

Lara, 16, has the “bat speed and raw power to project as a future All-Star,” according to Kiley McDaniel of Scouting Baseball. You can watch a scouting video of him here. There’s not much information out there about Lara, but some tend to think he’s more suited a third base rather than shortstop.