Brewers’ 2014 Sausage Race Predictions


May 21, 2012: Milwaukee, WI, USA; The racing sausages race during the game between the San Francisco Giants and Milwaukee Brewers at Miller Park. The Giants defeated the Brewers 4-3. Mandatory Credit: Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

It’s that time of the year, predictions time. This week the all-important topic of the sausage races, which of our favorite links will be sellers and which will be buyers? Let’s see how they did last year and then make our predictions.

2013 Results:

Italian Sausage 24 wins

Polish Sausage 18 wins

Chorizo 16 wins

Brat 15 wins

Hot Dog 10 wins

Last year’s pennant winner, Italian Sausage, was no fluke. It is a phenomenal link and year in/year out is the dominant favorite. It’s pretty much the St. Louis Cardinals of sausage. (Ducking to avoid sausages thrown at my head.)

A quick look at the participants:


The Brat is a hearty bite that really underachieved in 2013. Expect big things this season from a Midwest staple.


Initially called up in 2006, the Chorizo got a full time shot in 2007 and has been part of the race ever since.

According to the Milwaukee Brewers’ website:

"“While his exact workout regimen is kept a secret, it is known that Chorizo has spent time training in the hills of central Mexico, hiking the mountains of the volcanic region of Guatemala, rock climbing in Puerto Rico, and has even been seen running with the bulls in Pamplona, Spain, all with the goal of some day making it to the big leagues.”"

That’s dedication, but experience is always a concern.

Hot Dog

This All-American link is a simple lunch bucket racer that had an off year in 2013. The Hot Dog may not win it all, but definitely won’t finish in the cellar two years in a row.

Italian Sausage

Last year’s champion and let’s face it, best mustache. The Italian Sausage is expecting big things again in 2014. Rumor has it he even has a fan club. It’s good to be on top.

Polish Sausage

The underdog that almost pulled off an epic upset in 2013, finishing second to Italian Sausage, the Polish Sausage has worked hard to have his place in the race.

2014 Predictions:

Italian Sausage 20 wins

Brat 19 wins

Hot Dog 18 wins

Polish Sausage 13 wins

Chorizo 10 wins

What’s your favorite sausage race memory? What’s your favorite sausage? Share in the comments below.