Reviewing the Brew Round-table: Ron Roenicke going forward


Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

As we enter a new season of baseball, the Milwaukee Brewers have done so with a few key moves in mind. Some of these moves may play out into their future, but that remains to be seen.

This week, the staff answered the question, “What do you make of the Brewers exercising Ron Roenicke‘s contract?”

Dave Radcliffe:

“Some fans may not be pleased with the news, but the team has to be thrilled. Roenicke is a player’s manager, instilling faith in his veterans but still willing to let it ride with some unproven talent when the situation presents itself. He keeps everything at an even keel. Roenicke at times is stuck in the 20th century when it comes to his tactics, but he has a winning record overall in three seasons at the helm along with an appearance in the NLCS. He deserved to have his contract exercised.”

Justin Schultz:

“It was a good move. Much like players, managers don’t like playing under a one-year contract. By extending Roenicke, he won’t have to worry about his immediate future and can solely focus on his team. I’m not the biggest fan of Roenicke, but he is by no means a bad manager. He may bunt too much and care way too much about pitch counts, but I have no problem with the Brewers wanting him around longer.”

John Dinse:

“Ultimately I think Ron Roenicke  is a good manager. He has had success with the Brewers and the players seem to like him. With that said I am not sure what other move the Brewers had. I seems logical to me that the Brewers would exercise his option, especially with the signing of Matt Garza and Francisco Rodriguez late in free agency. These moves point to an aggressive push by managment to not only be relevant but competitive. With all that said Roenicke has to respond to the clearly heightened expectations that managment and fans will have around the team. While I think the Brewers will be competitive it again is more about health than anything else for them. If Ramirez and Braun can stay healthy and solidify the middle of the order and the pitching staff can not only be improved but be consistant the Brewers will compete. For Roenicke his future is secure for this year but beyond that still it looks like a lot of if’s that have to become reality.”

David Grant:

“I’m a fan of a team’s skipper and General Manager put on the same timescale. For better or worse, Doug Melvin and Ron Roenicke are together responsible for the team that’s on the field. Roenicke’s love affair with certain players can be frustrating, but he has had success in an organization that doesn’t have much historic success. Also, I don’t see this as that big of a deal, Mark Attanasio can easily pay off that extra year should he want to go in another direction.”

Benjamin Orr:

“Roenicke is certainly someone who has drawn in a lot of criticism in the past year, but a lot of it I believe was out of his control. Who knew how badly the team would tank last May and even if they did, how exactly do you prevent it? Sure, a part of the game is up to the manager, but the actual playing is completely on the players. Roenicke does make some questionable moves with being bunt happy and pulling pitchers a little too early, but I think he’s doing a fine job in Milwaukee. He has a winning record with the Brew Crew so far (253-233) and I believe this extra job security will help him manage this team to a successful season. I like Roenicke.”

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