Brewers’ Power Rankings: Opening Day Recap Edition


Yovani Gallardo

The Brewer power rankings is a composite score that considers on the field as well as off the field activities. Do we really need a Brewer player power ranking? Of course we do.

1: Yovani Gallardo
After all the criticism over Gallardo being handed the ball he goes out and throws six innings of shut out ball. That’s good for number one.

2: Will Smith
Answered his first call, there is something about this kid that keeps getting better and better.

3: Aramis Ramirez
Currently hitting .667 with 2 runs batted in. Prediction: If he keeps up this pace he will definitely finish in the top ten MVP voting.

4: Brandon Kintzler
Monday was a wonderful day for Kintzler and Brewer pitching.

5: Ron Roenicke
This is not an April fool’s joke, Roenicke went with Gallardo and everything else fell into place. Can he keep it up for 161 more? 95 would be nice!

6: Jonathan Lucroy
Quietly goes 2-3 to kick off what could be a big season for him.

7: Scooter Gennett
See Jon Lucroy.

8: Lyle Overbay
This is for getting to start at first base on opening day.

9: Francisco Rodriguez
Save number one in the books; sometimes the first one is the hardest one. Still talking about pitching everyone…

10: Ryan Braun
So, all is forgiven?

There’s my “rankings”, what’s yours? Feel free to comment below and let us know.