Ryan Braun Traded To Cardinals


Courtesy of USA Today

Milwaukee Brewers’ right fielder Ryan Braun has been traded to the St. Louis Cardinals, the team announced Tuesday.

Full details of the trade have yet to be disclosed, but there is speculation that Allen Craig will be coming to Milwaukee. If this is true, Craig would immediately take over first base duties for the Crew.

The Brewers have been secretly trying to move Braun ever since Major League Baseball suspended him for 65-games last summer. Owner Mark Attanasio wanted to get Braun’s money off the books and start moving forward.

The Cardinals, on the other hand, have no problem with players who use performance-enhancing drugs. General manager John Mozeliak said Braun makes the team considerably better. He also felt that Jhonny Peralta, who was also suspended last summer, needed a PED friend in the club house.

“We felt Jhonny was becoming the black sheep of the clubhouse,” Mozeliak said. “Adding Ryan gives Jhonny a friend to talk to and someone who has gone through what he has. I’m very excited we could get this deal done.”

However, Brewers’ fans will not take this news too kindly. Braun was given a standing ovation at Miller Park yesterday on Opening Day, and it seemed like the fans had forgiven him. Now, they have another reason to hate the former MVP; he’s a Cardinal.

“I can’t wait to get to work,” Braun said. “The Cardinals have always  been my favorite team, but since I was a member of the Brewers, I couldn’t admit it.”

Happy April Fools, everyone. You didn’t really believe Braun was traded to the enemy, did you?