Holding off on a Jean Segura extension?


Mandatory Credit: Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

Perhaps for the time being, holding off on a multi-year deal with Milwaukee Brewers’ shortstop Jean Segura may be for the best. Despite the talk, the Brewers should think about this decision long and hard.

I’m not opposed to extending Segura, but only at the right price.

When Segura was in the middle of his first full season in the league last year, it was clear which team had won the Zack Greinke trade. Segura was everything the Brewers had been needing in a shortstop, which had been the revolving door position in the infield. He earned a trip to his first All-Star Game and was one of the more potent Brewers in the offense which was lacking so much.

So why the hold on an extension?

There’s something that concerns me about Segura, which is what I felt was a growing sentiment among many Brewers’ fans. What was it? Segura tanked in the second half of 2014 and it was not a pretty sight. He hit .325/.363/.487 before the All-Star break, but after that he hit .241/.268/.314. That’s a pretty drastic jump.

I’m not saying we need to focus solely on that fact, but it’s not reassuring to look back and see that Segura’s consistency at the plate was fading. Guys get tired and worn down over the course of a season, I get that, but in August and September, he saw averages below .252, with September’s being .211. Hopefully though this was just a case of him getting used to the grueling schedule and now he’ll know how to work with the wear and tear.

Segura is young and at 24-years-old, we shouldn’t expect record breaking numbers from him. He is an All-Star and definitely is starting to make an impact in the MLB. He’s someone the Brew Crew will want to hold onto, but at the right price. The Atlanta Braves’ seven-year, $58MM extension of shortstop Andrelton Simmons could set the ground work for a deal between the Brewers and Segura, but I would assume the monetary value would be higher due to the All-Star appearance.

Whatever it is the Brewers do offer him, it needs to be reasonable. Yes, shortstop was a position void of any real talent after J.J. Hardy and before Segura, so going back to those dark times would be less than ideal. That said, jumping the gun on an extension is not a healthy option either. I’m a bit wary of long-term deals regardless of the player, but I do believe Segura is worth taking that risk. After all, he may be part of a strong Brewers’ team to come.