Is Carlos Gomez really to blame?


Mandatory Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The brawl that took place yesterday between the Milwaukee Brewers and Pittsburgh Pirates may have been one of the most intense between the two teams, and it’s still just April. Two players were ejected in the scuffle, the Brewers’ Carlos Gomez and the Pirates’ Travis Snider. You can watch it here:

Given how the fight broke out, is Gomez really in the wrong here?

I would have to say yes and no. Yes because the whole “bat-flipping” and “admiration” doesn’t go unnoticed, just ask the Atlanta Braves and their no-fun mentality with both Gomez and Miami Marlins’ ace Jose Fernandez. Sure, Gomez thought he had a home run and admired it a little, but what guy doesn’t? Of course, we know now that long-ball ended up being a triple, which fueled the fire for this all out brawl.

And people think baseball is boring.

Gomez got into it last year with Paul Maholm and Brian McCann, but there’s history here. Maholm had a record of plunking Gomez in the past, so when Gomez finally hits a homer off of him, it’s a controversy. Let’s face it, some pitchers are cry babies. Oh boo hoo, someone hit a home run or an extra base hit off of you. Big deal. Yeah, maybe Gomez was admiring his hits for a little too long, but that’s what happens Gerrit Cole when you put a meatball right down the middle of the plate. Same for you Maholm.

I’m not saying I defend home-run, or in this case a triple, admiration, but for teams like the Braves and the Pirates to literally start brawls about it is ridiculous and highly unprofessional. What, is Gomez supposed to be sorry for hitting a ball to deep center off of Cole? Of course not. Gomez even said himself he apologizes for nothing, which he shouldn’t have to. He did his job, plain and simple. Cole overreacted which obviously angered Gomez and then the rest is history.

The one thing I will say about Gomez is he does need to watch his temper. Easily he could just brush off what people say to him, particularly Maholm, McCann, and Cole, but instead he acts on rage. That’s where I do fault Gomez, but at the same time, it is his passion for the game that drives him. Every player has it, but shows it in different ways. Gomez just needs to work on controlling his anger before more bench clearing brawls break out.

So for those people calling Gomez a “punk” or a “thug”, please. He’s a baseball player that does his job, and fairly well at that. So no, I don’t think Gomez is to blame fully. Yes, the watching the ball is partially on him, but the rest is a simple overreaction on Pittsburgh. It’s ridiculous to think Gomez will actually be suspended games because of this. Though, it was nice to see Martin Maldonado land a nice right hook on Snider. That’s always fun.