MLB Power Rankings: Week 4


Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The phrase “Long live the king” apparently doesn’t apply to my power rankings. For the fourth consecutive week, there is a new king of the hill.

The Athletics overtook the Brewers for the top spot simply because they looked phenomenal this week. How good of a signing was Scott Kazmir?

And the Miami Marlins continue to be the most fun and confusing team in Major League Baseball.

Let’s take a look at my power rankings. Disagree? Bring it.

1. Oakland Athletics (13-5) (Up 6): Highest positive run differential in baseball. Billy Beane doing work.

2. Milwaukee Brewers (14-5) (Down 1): Defense was a little sloppy in Pittsburgh, but great bullpen pitching and Ryan Braun allowed the Crew to take three of four from the Pirates.

3. Atlanta Braves (12-6) (Down 1): Pitching continues to be the Braves’ strength. Absolutely dominant right now.

4. Los Angeles Dodgers (12-7) (Down 1): Dee Gordon (.376 batting average) seems to have figured things out this year.

5. St. Louis Cardinals (11-8) (Down 1): Starting pitching is finally starting to come around.

6. Detroit Tigers (9-6) (Down 1): Tigers have only outscored their opponents by one run…and they’ve played 10 home games. That’s a bit worrisome.

7. San Francisco Giants (11-8) (Down 1): Scored only 11 runs in six games this week. Pitching was stellar, though.

8. Washington Nationals (11-8) (No change): Bryce Harper was pulled for a lack of hustle on Sunday. How will the young stud react?

9. Texas Rangers (11-8) (Up 7): Had their first good week of the season, aside for the shellacking they took from the White Sox on Sunday. Oh, and Prince Fielder actually has home runs now.

10. New York Yankees (11-8) (No change): Mark Teixeira is back and Masashiro Tanaka looks like the best thing since sliced bread.

11. Kansas City Royals (9-8) (Up 6): They beat the teams they’re supposed to this week — Houston and Minnesota.

12. Boston Red Sox (9-10) (Down 1): Solid series win against the Orioles but the team has been unimpressive as a whole.

13. Tampa Bay Rays (9-10) (Down 4): When they hit, they put some monster numbers (see Sunday against Yankees). But only two wins this week brings the Rays down two spots.

14. Cincinnati Reds (8-10) (Up 5): Four wins against NL Central rivals this week.

15. Toronto Blue Jays (10-9) (Down 2): The Jays have only played six games at home this season, but have still managed a winning record.

16. Baltimore Orioles (8-9) (Up 6): The Orioles played Boston tough and took two games from the Rays. They deserve a boost in the rankings.

17. Pittsburgh Pirates (8-11) (Down 3): 6 of their 11 losses have come to the Brewers.

18. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (8-10) (Down 6): Missing Josh Hamilton already?

19. Colorado Rockies (10-10) (Up 2): 101 runs scored. Wowzers!

20. Cleveland Indians (8-10) (Down 5): It’s a shame Nyjer Morgan was sent down. The dude was raking.

21. San Diego Padres (9-10) (Up 3): Offense is horrific as they head to Milwaukee to face the red-hot Brewers.

22. Philadelphia Phillies (8-10) (Down 4): Just not a good team right now. Age is starting to catch up to the Phils.

23. New York Mets (9-9) (Up 2): Traded Ike Davis to the Pirates. Now they can stop complaining.

24. Seattle Mariners (7-11) (Down 4): Losers of six in a row.

25. Chicago White Sox (9-10) (Down 2): They can hit, but they can’t pitch.

26. Minnesota Twins (9-9) (Up 1): Joe Mauer has 22 strikeouts. That doesn’t seem right.

27. Miami Marlins (9-10) (Up 2): 9-4 at home. 0-6 on the road.

28. Chicago Cubs (5-12) (No change): Apparently Dale Sveum wasn’t the Cubs’ problem in 2013.

29. Houston Astros (5-14) (Down 2): They had five wins a week ago.

30. Arizona Diamondbacks (5-16) (No change): They suck.