Vernon Wells Rips Carlos Gomez On Twitter


Mandatory Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

It seems that some players around baseball are fed up with Carlos Gomez‘s “antics.” Well, at least one is.

Free agent outfielder Vernon Wells blasted Gomez on Twitter Sunday night, after Gomez and Pittsburgh Pirates pitcher Gerrit Cole got into a shouting match that eventually turned into a bench-clearing brawl. Gomez was ejected from the game. Cole was not.

Cole accused the Brewers’ center fielder of standing and admiring his deep fly ball that ended up being a triple. After Gomez slid into third base, Cole got in Gomez’s face, which started the all-out brawl.

I guess Wells has no problem with Cole yelling at Gomez, but to be honest, Cole instigated the entire situation. Maybe Wells is just salty because he’s jobless.

Who knows?