MLB Power Rankings: Week 8


In this week’s power rankings, there were no drastic changes. The Indians dropped the most and the Blue Jays made the biggest jump up. But the teams that I think are elite stayed mostly put.

There’s a lot of average teams this year, and no team that I think is far and away better than another. It’s going to be one heck of an October, if you ask me.

Let’s take a look at my Week 8 power rankings. Disagree? Bring it.

1.  Oakland Athletics (28-16) (Up 1)

The A’s continue to prove they are serious about the World Series. Nobody has more wins on the road (16).

2.  Detroit Tigers (27-12) (Up 1)

The Tigers have won six in a row, sweeping Baltimore and Boston. They’re mad at last year’s postseason. It’s World Series or bust.

3.  San Francisco Giants (28-17) (Down 2)

According to, the Rockies (who are in second place in the NL West) have a better chance of making the playoffs than the Giants (who are in first place). I think that’s silly stupid.

4.  Milwaukee Brewers (27-17) (No change)

Milwaukee’s offense has been without big bats Aramis Ramirez and Carlos Gomez the last few games. Let them be fully healthy before you start worrying about their lack of runs.

5.  Atlanta Braves (23-19) (No change)

After such a hot start to the season, the Braves are only 6-10 in May. And yet, their still No. 5 on my list. Want to know why? Because every team ever goes through rough patches.

6.  Los Angeles Dodgers (23-22) (Up 2)

Yasiel Puig hit three bombs and drove in 10 runs this week. Damn.

7.  Colorado Rockies (25-20) (Down 1)

Please, oh please, stay healthy Troy Tulowitzki. Baseball needs you.

8.  New York Yankees (23-20) (Up 1)

Yangervis Solarte has been a pleasant surprise for New York.

9. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (24-19) (Up 2)

Albert Pujols has rediscovered his bat and Josh Hamilton is on his way back from the disabled list. All is good in LA. Well, except for the fact that the Clippers were eliminated from the playoffs and the Kings are down in the series to the Blackhawks.

10.  Baltimore Orioles (22-20) (Down 3)

J.J. Hardy has yet to homer this season. Hmm. And is Matt Wieters having Tommy John surgery? That’s the rumor.

11. Washington Nationals (23-20) (Up 3)

They had a pretty easy week with facing the Diamondbacks and the Mets, but nonetheless, they got the job done.

12. St. Louis Cardinals (23-21) (Up 1)

The Cardinals have trimmed the Brewers lead in the Central to four games. Wait, am I already talking about division races?

13.  Texas Rangers (21-23) (Down 3)

It’s about time Prince Fielder has come up with an excuse for his lousy play this year.

14.  Miami Marlins (23-22) (Up 1)

The Marlins are 17-5 at home — the best in the Majors. Can they just play there all the time?

15. Kansas City Royals (22-21) (Up 3)

I still don’t think they’re a good team, but they did better than most this week.

16.  Boston Red Sox (20-23) (Down 4)

Losers of four straight including a series loss to the Twins. Something ain’t right in Boston.

17.  Cincinnati Reds (19-23) (Down 1)

If Joey Votto needs a DL stint, the Reds could free fall in the NL Central.

18.  Chicago White Sox (21-24) (Down 1)

The Baseball Gods to continue to punish us by placing superstar Jose Abreu on the disabled list. There’s no point in watching the Sox now.

19.  Toronto Blue Jays (23-22) (Up 5)

They made a huge jump this week with series wins against Cleveland and Texas, but R.A. Dickey has been pitching like an average starter. Thank God for Mark Buehrle.

20.  Seattle Mariners (21-22) (No change)

I just want to see Taijuan Walker pitch.

21.  New York Mets (20-23) (Down 2)

David Wright is slugging a career-low .371. Is the 31-year-old starting to regress?

22.  Minnesota Twins (21-21) (Up 4)

As long as the Twins are somewhat competitive this year, fans will show up to games. They know the future is bright in Minnesota.

23.  Tampa Bay Rays (19-26) (No change)

I’m ready to write them off.

24.  Philadelphia Phillies (19-22) (Down 2)

The Phillies are in last place in the NL East, but are only 3.5 games out of first place. I guess anything is possible.

25.  San Diego Padres (21-24) (Up 2)

They held the Rockies to only 16 runs in the series. That should be looked at as a victory

26.  Pittsburgh Pirates (18-25) (Down 1)

And people ridiculed me when I called their pitching staff overrated.

27.  Cleveland Indians (19-25) (Down 6)

They ran into some good pitching this week, but that’s not why they struggled. The Indians just aren’t a very good team.

28.  Houston Astros (16-28) (Up 1)

The Astros have won two series in a row. Hell has officially frozen over.

29.  Arizona Diamondbacks (18-28) (Down 1)

Did you see what Paul Goldschmidt did on Saturday night? No? Well, were you dead?

30.  Chicago Cubs (15-27) (No change)

Mike Olt has eight singles and nine home runs. Baseball’s a funny game.