The following are the up-to-date picks the Brewers have made today. I will write up small bios on them when the dra..."/>   The following are the up-to-date picks the Brewers have made today. I will write up small bios on them when the dra..."/>   The following are the up-to-date picks the Brewers have made today. I will write up small bios on them when the dra..."/>

Live Brewers Draft Coverage: Day 3


The following are the up-to-date picks the Brewers have made today. I will write up small bios on them when the draft is complete.

Round 11, Pick 326 – Brandon Woodruff, RHP, Mississippi State. Not to be confused with this Brandon Woodruff, the Brewers started off Day 3 by taking a college arm. Woodruff was actually chosen in the 5th round in 2011 by the Rangers, but decided to attend Mississippi State instead. Brandon is a junior, so if he doesn’t like what Brewers have to offer, he can return to Mississippi State for his senior year.


Round 12, Pick 356 – Jordan Yamamoto, RHP, Saint Louis School (Scouting Video) Jordan Yamamoto is the second pitcher the Brewers took out of Hawaii. The first was the first overall pick, Kodi Medeiros. Both Kodi and Jordan represented their high schools in Hawaii’s state championship game. Jordan actually won the game, throwing a two hit shut out. All signs point to him signing with the Brewers.


Round 13, Pick 386 – Kaleb Earls, RHP, Limestone College Made a few starts and a few relief appearances throughout his career at Limestone college. Not too much on him that I could find. He’s 6’5″ tall.


Round 14, Pick 416 – Jonathan Oquendo, SS, Maria Teresa Pineiro HS (Puerto Rico) (Scouting Video) Not to be confused with the boxer, Jonathan is a standout at Carlos Beltran’s Baseball Academy. Jonathan is a switch hitting shortstop who stands at 6’3″. Could possibly convert to a second baseman or an outfielder but he has good range and ideally would probably want to stay at short.


Round 15, Pick 446 – Caleb Smith, RHP, Rice A future bullpen arm, Caleb possesses the ability to strike a lot of batters out. He also has a tendency to walk a lot of batters due to inconsistencies in his control.


Round 16, Pick 476 – Benjamin Onyshko, LHP, Vauxall HS (CANADA~!)

Brewers take their annual talent from Canada here. This time around, it is Ben Onyshko. He’s a left handed pitcher who has a fastball, a changeup, and a curveball that has trouble finding the strike zone. Here is a video of Ben from 2012:


Round 17, Pick 506 – J.J. Schwarz, C, Palm Beach Gardens HS (Scouting Video). Schwarz has tweeted that he will most likely keep his commitment to Florida instead of signing with the Brewers.


Round 18, Pick 536 – Luke Curtis, RHP, Pittsburgh Used primarily as a relief pitcher, Luke posted a solid 2.17 ERA over 29 innings pitched. He only allowed 7 earned runs and struck out 25 batters. It sounds like he will likely sign with the Brewers, as he said his thank yous and goodbyes to the Pittsburgh coaching staff today after being drafted.

Round 19, Pick 566 – Zach Hirsch, LHP, U of Nebraska-Lincoln Starter and reliever experience at Nebraska, he likely will be tested as a starter in the minors. He missed 31 games in 2013 due to a wrist injury to his non-throwing hand.

Round 20, Pick 596 – Tate Blackman, SS, Lake Brantley HS (Scouting Video). Blackman has tweeted that he will most likely be attending Ole Miss instead of signing with the Brewers.

Round 21, Pick 626 – Donnie Hissa, RHP, Notre Dame. Product of Iron River, Wisconsin. He is 6’7″ and throws absolute gas. With the help of that fastball that sits in the mid 90s, he struck out 48 batters over 50.1 innings. He’s a senior and he will sign with the Brewers.

Round 22, Pick 656 – Patrick Weigel, RHP, Oxnard College (Scouting VideoBefore the draft began today, I tweeted out a list of 3 pitchers that I wanted the Brewers to draft. Patrick was one of them. He throws 98mph regularly and also mixes in a curveball and changeup. he was shut down a few weeks in April due to elbow soreness. He will be a pitcher in the Brewers organization, although he does have experience at third base.

Round 23, Pick 686 – Kolton Mahoney, RHP, BYU He threw BYU’s 7th no hitter in school history back in March. He struck out 11 batters in the contest. He will be a starter with the Brewers farm system.

Round 24, Pick 716 – Bubba Blau, RHP, Dixie State Used strictly as a relief pitcher, Bubba made 16 appearances this year posting a 2.92 ERA over 12.1 innings and striking out 17 batters. I don’t see why he wouldn’t be a reliever in our system.

Round 25, Pick 746 – C.D. Pelham, LHP, Spartanburg Methodist College. Throws a consistent 95 MPH. He’s 6’5″. Really surprised C.D. was still available in round 25. Props to the Brewers for getting him. Solid pitcher.

Round 26, Pick 776 – Cre Frinfrock, RHP, Martin County HS (Scouting Video) Fastball sits low-90s but can reach 96 every once and a while. He has an awesome name. He might be a tough sign.

Round 27, Pick 806 – Matt Martin, C, Wake Forest Martin is a catcher, but also has experience at third base and in the corner outfield spots. Brewers needed to add a few catchers this draft as they are running thin in the minors. They got a pretty good one here.

Round 28, Pick 836 – Turner Larkins, RHP, James Martin Senior HS (Scouting Video) I have doubts that Turner will sign. I think this pick was made to just save us money to give to Gatewood and Harrison. One notable thing, Johnny Manziel was taken right after Turner by the Padres.

Round 29, Pick 866 – Aaron Garza, RHP, Houston Posting a 2.92 ERA this past year for Houston in over 100 innings, Garza has proven over the course of his time there that he is a work horse and an innings eater. Garza will join the farm system as a starter and someone to keep an eye on.

Round 30, Pick 896 – Taylor Stark, RHP, Delta State U Stark is a relief pitcher who also has outfield experience. Couldn’t find much more on him.

Round 31, Pick 926 – Brock Hudgens, RHP, UNC-Charlotte He’s a senior. His Twitter account all but confirms it, but all signs point to him signing with the Brewers

Round 32, Pick 956 – Eric White, RHP, Parkers Chapel HS His fastball sits between 88-89 but has great movement. It tops out at 91. He also has a changeup that sits at 75 and a breaking ball that hits at 71-72. Nothing overpowering, but White is a pitcher that has very good control and uses that to his advantage.

Round 33, Pick 986 – Chad Reeves, LHP, Louisiana State – Eunice Finished his career at LSU-Eunice as a Second Team All-American. He posted an 11-1 record with 94 strike outs over 84.1 innings.

Round 34, Pick 1016 – Carlos Leal, RHP, Delta State U A catcher in college, Carlos Leal was drafted as a pitcher by the Brewers. Carlos had a respectable batting average in 2013 at .312.

Round 35, Pick 1046 – David Carver, LHP, Lamar U 6’3″ left handed pitcher. College senior, so he will likely sign.

Round 36, Pick 1076 – Hunter Tackett, CF/RF, Anderson County HS Primarily an outfielder, Hunter also has experience at shortstop and as a right handed pitcher. He’s committed to Auburn, so he may be a tough sign.

Round 37, Pick 1106 – Eric Ramirez, 1B, Rio Mesa HS Although he is only 5’10”, scouts have said he knows how to put the barrel on the baseball and sends it. Scouts have also said he is at least a 55+ defender at first base.

Round 38, Pick 1136 – Carl Chester, CF, Lake Brantley HS (Scouting Video) He’s committed to Miami. He’s unlikely to sign with the Brewers.

Round 39, Pick 1166 – John Gavin, LHP, Saint Francis HS Committed to Cal State Fullerton. Brewers could ink him and probably have every intention to. He’s a 6’5″ left handed pitcher. Just might be hard to pull him away from Cal State, who has a great baseball program.

Round 40, Pick 1196 – Taylor Lane, SS, The Pendleton School (Scouting Video) He’s committed to Florida. He’s unlikely to sign with the Brewers.