MLB Power Rankings: Week 13


Mandatory Credit: Lance Iversen-USA TODAY Sports

The Athletics still hold the best record in baseball after a five game winning streak in the middle of the week. However, they now have the power happy Brewers just 0.5 games back, winning 6 of 7 on a road trip to Arizona and Colorado.

Between poor pitching and some extraordinarily awful fielding the Rockies have lost their last 6, conceding 46 runs in the process. Unlike the last two weeks there are number of streaking teams, with 10 teams currently in the midst of a 3 game winning or losing streak.

So, here are my Week 13 power rankings. Disagree? Bring It!

1. Oakland Athletics (47-29) (No Change)

The A’s five game winning streak ended in extra innings on Sunday against the Red Sox, but two off days and an east coast road trip to the Mets and Marlins should give Oakland opportunities to hold on to the best record in baseball.

2. Milwaukee Brewers (47-30) (Up 1)

The Brewers have pounded out an MLB best 51 runs this week (6-1 record) against some mediocre pitching. Their hitting credentials will really be tests as the Nationals come to Milwaukee. Washington will send Stephen Strasburg, Gio Gonzalez and Jordan Zimmermann to the mound Monday through Wednesday. Aramis Ramirez has had an outstanding week, batting .500 with 3 HR’s and 10 RBI’s.

3. San Francisco Giants (45-30) (Down 1)

The Giants continue to wobble, 4.71 ERA over the last week. A back injury to Michael Morse will be a long term worry.

4.Detroit Tigers (40-32) (Up 1)

The Tigers ended the week with a sweep of the Indians, J.D. Martinez pounded pitching for a .444 BA and 4HR’s with 11 RBI’s on the week.

5. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (41-33) (Up 3)

Finished off the week with a sweep of the stuttering Texas Rangers.

6. Los Angeles Dodgers (42-35) (Up 3)

The Dodgers pitching has settled down lately and results are following, MLB best 2.01 ERA this weeks. The Dodgers will be looking to grab control of the NL West before the All-Star Break.

7. St. Louis Cardinals (41-35) (No Change)

An expensive week for the Cards, they have a lot of depth but a trip to the DL for Michael Wacha and Jaime Garcia could spell trouble for the reigning NL Central champs. Expect to see them drop out of the top 10….

8. Toronto Blue Jays (42-35) (Down 4)

The Blue Jays need 7 or 8 runs every game to win. Edwin Encarnacion can’t win the NL East on his own, they need pitching help.

9. Washington Nationals (39-35) (Up 1)

Gonzalez is off the DL and the Nationals will send their three best arms to the mound in Milwaukee against MLB’s hottest lineup.

10. Baltimore Orioles (39-35) (Up 5)

Chris Tillman stunned the Yankees in beating Masahiro Tanaka on Sunday to win the series.

11. New York Yankees (39-35) (Up 1)

The Yankees are just 1.5 games back in the NL East after a sweep of the Blue Jays, before losing to the Orioles.

12. Seattle Mariners (40-36) (Up 4)

Seattle pitching remains almost unhittable (2.21 ERA) this week, as a result mediocre output has been enough to support stellar pitching. In the mix for a AL Wild Card and with Felix Hernandez they can’t beat anyone on a given day.

13. Kansas City Royals (39-36) (Down 7)

The Dale Sveum honeymoon period is officially over, ending the week on a 4 game skid. Alcides Escobar’s left shin injury 0n Sunday gives more problems to the Royals.

14. Cincinnati Reds (37-37) (Up 5)

The Reds scored 9+ runs three times this week, Devin Mesoraco‘s 2HR’s and 5RBI’s over the weekend helping the cause. The Joey Votto effect is in full force.

15. Atlanta Braves (38-37) (Down 3)

The Braves offence only scored 1 more run than the Padres, enough said!

16. Minnesota Twins (36-38) (Up 5)

A four game winning streak to stop the slide. Kyle Gibson will put his 22 inning scoreless streak on the line in LA on Tuesday.

17. Pittsburgh Pirates (34-35) (Up 1)

The Pirates bats have cooled off, but 6 against the Rays and Mets should get the Pirates over .500.

18. Miami Marlins (37-38) (Down 5)

A really tough week for the Marlins, losing 5 of 7 to struggling Mets and Cubs. A return to the DL for Rafael Furcal just adding to the woes.

19. Cleveland Indians (37-39) (Down 2)

Cleveland lost yet more valuable ground in the NL Central (5GB) after a sweep at the hands of the Tigers.

20. Boston Red Sox (35-41) (Up 3)

I started to believe on Wednesday after a sweep, but a hard weekend series in Oakland eroded the good feeling. The road trip continues in Seattle and New York, it could decide if the Champs have any hope, Clay Buchholz returns from the DL to boost the rotation.

21. New York Mets (35-41) (Up 3)

The Mets are starting to gather momentum behind their starting rotation, Jacob deGrom joined Jon Niese with a scoreless start

22. Texas Rangers (35-40) (Down 2)

You know it’s going badly when Yu Darvish can’t stop the rot, 5 straight losses in Oakland and LA.

23. Philadelphia Phillies (34-40) (Up 3)

The best week in a while for the Phillies, winning 5 straight in Atlanta and St Louis although Jimmy Rollins 15 game hitting streak is over.

24. Chicago White Sox (35-41) (Down 2)

A damaging weekend for the Chi Sox, swept in Minnesota in a division battle to drop 7 behind.

25. Colorado Rockies (34-41) (Down 11)

Despite Chris Dickerson and Wilin Rosario‘s best efforts in batting over .450 this week it has been nothing sort of dreadful! Poor pitching, a six game losing streak and essentially a wild-pitch Grand Slam!

26. Chicago Cubs (31-42) (Up 1)

The Cubs wasted Jeff Samardzija and Jason Hammel starts yet again, although their stock is rising in preparation for the certain sweepstake.

27. Houston Astros (33-44) (Down 2)

Jose Altuve is hitting .542 this week but the rest of the Astros line up has been woeful.

28. Arizona Diamondbacks (30-42) (Down 4)

A tough home stand against Brewers and Giants did nothing for Diamondbacks pitching staff, giving up nearly 5 runs a game.

29. San Diego Padres (32-44) (Up 1)

Despite only scoring 17 runs this week, an ERA under 3 meant the Padres could grab 3 wins. CEO Josh Byrnes is first to pay the price for the offensive ineptitude.

30. Tampa Bay Rays (31-46) (Down 1)

Ended the week with 3 out of 4 from the Astros, David Price reached 1000K’s for the Rays, but surely there won’t be many more.