Brewers Send Scout To Rays/Pirates Game


Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

News broke yesterday afternoon that the Milwaukee Brewers, among a handful of other teams, sent scouts to David Price‘s start against the Pittsburgh Pirates. Now, I’m sure the Brewers are keeping tabs on Price, but I just don’t think the Brewers A.) Have the amount of prospects to Rays are looking for in exchange for Price and B.) I think there are other players the Brewers have more interest in to help improve the team.

The Brewers are primarily looking for bullpen arms as well as depth for the infield and outfield, preferably a hitter that can provide the void on a bench bat with some pop. One name that stands out to me on the Rays’ roster that I believe the Brewers may be looking at would be Ben Zobrist, for obvious reasons. In a previous article, I talked about how Ben Zobrist would be a perfect fit on the Brewers roster. He’s a switch hitting second base/shortstop/outfield utility player who would immediately provide the Brewers the depth and bat they desire.

As for a relief pitcher, Jake McGee sticks out like a sore thumb. Making just under $1.5MM this year, McGee owns a 1.36 ERA, 0.82 WHIP and a FIP of 1.72. Nothing too special about his fastball as it tops out at around 94, but he has a very deadly curveball and has developed a decent change up over the last few years. Rather impressively, McGee owns a 1.5 WAR through almost the midway point of the season. Ryan Braun has a 1.1 WAR. Don’t be confused, but that shows how effective Jake has been for the Rays. He has not given up a home run yet in 36 appearances.

With Zobrist being the infield depth the Brewers are looking for, David DeJesus or Matt Joyce, possibly Sean Rodriguez as well, could be on the Brewers’ radar. DeJesus would be the instant #4 outfielder for the Brewers while Matt Joyce would be more restricted to only the corner outfield spots and be more of a pinch hit bat. Sean Rodriguez is someone the Brewers could acquire that would be an instant upgrade over Elian Herrera in the outfield/infield, but would not be a lights out, go-to player. What’s appealing about Sean is that it wouldn’t take much to acquire the super utility infielder/outfielder.