Brewers Offer Beautiful Paperweight


Yesterday the Milwaukee Brewers announced a new promotion aimed squarely at the 1%, or perhaps people that just don’t budget very well.

That promotion is their “Timeless Ticket,” which is a brass Brewers ticket engraved with the ticket owner’s name. I’ll let Brewers Director of New Media Caitlyn Moyer tell you about it:

"Only 1,000 of the items will be produced. Additional facts about the Timeless Ticket:Each ticket is individually numbered, comes complete with a certificate of authenticity and is packaged in a specially-designed gift box.Each ticket is authenticated by Major League Baseball and includes its own registered ID number under the MLB Authentication program.The ticket weighs approximately one pound, is 6.25” by 3.5,” and sits in a wood display base.The cost of the ticket (which includes the brass engraved ticket and the actual ticket to the game of the owner’s choosing) is $1,000.This unique opportunity allows the owner to redeem their Timeless Ticket for an actual ticket to any single future Brewers game at Miller Park, whether it’s in 2015 or 2050 or whether it is Opening Day or the 7th game of the World Series."

At $1000 it might actually be cheaper than some single-game World Series tickets, and with inflation it might actually be a large savings in the future. Of course, the Brewers would have to play in the World Series for that option to come to pass.

This is much cooler looking than the piece of paper you get for buying Packer stock (images are at the source link above), but it also costs a heck of a lot more than the last Packer stock offering. I sure would like one, to guy with my upcoming Brewers urn. When I’m dead they can both haunt my family.

So friends, are you going to buy a “Timeless Ticket” for that special Brewers fan in your life, or perhaps for yourself?