Ryan Braun’s Thumb and Immunity


Two pieces of news about Milwaukee Brewers right fielder Ryan Braun broke this week. First he will have two more cryotherapy procedures on his thumb before the 2015 season, and second, he’s been given immunity by the US Drug Enforcement Agency in their Biogenesis investigation.

Brewers Assistant General Manager, and former Toronto Blue Jays General Manager, Gord Ash, was on Sportsnet Canada talking about the Brewers acquisition of Adam Lind. The conversation turned to Braun.

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Ash noted that Braun hit three or four days after the procedure and the pain in his thumb was lessened, but not eliminated. Ash added the Braun will have the procedure done again in January, and then have another before the start of the season.

The cryotherapy procedure freezes and kills off the pain sensing nerve in the thumb and should allow Braun to hit without pain. As Brewer fans we hope that it works because Ryan Braun is too important to the franchise to hit without both hands.

The Miami Herald, who broke the Biogenesis story the first time around, has continued their reporting on the clinic as the DEA has stepped up their investigation. The Herald reports that Braun, along with Alex Rodriguez, Nelson Cruz, Melky Cabrera, Francisco Cervelli, Yasmani Grandal, Cesar Puello, Jordany Valdespin and Manny Rodriguez were all granted immunity by the DEA in exchange for their testimony.

The DEA investigation centers on the Florida clinic illegally supplying high school athletes with performance enhancing drugs. I don’t want to talk about Ryan Braun’s drug suspension any more, so I’m not going to.

The news on Braun’s thumb is encouraging as long as removing the pain from his hand doesn’t coincide with losing all feeling from his hand, which I have to imagine would impact his ability to grip a bat properly. But I’m not a doctor so who cares what I think.