Ryan Braun Will Become Brewers’ Franchise Home Run Leader


With all of the excitement and possibilities of the new season just on the horizon, there is at least one Brewers franchise record that should fall this season.  Ryan Braun needs just 22 more home runs to pass Robin Yount, and become the all-time franchise leader.

There are many things that Yount was known for doing and home runs are probably not at the top of that list.  His career high for a season was a very respectable 29; which came during his MVP campaign and Brewers pennant winning season of 1982.  In his 20 years as a Brewer, Yount finished with 251 home runs, which still ranks as the most by a batter wearing the Brewers uniform.

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Braun has posted more than 22 home runs in each of his first 6 seasons, with a career high 41 coming in 2012.  Injuries and suspension have seen him post just 28 home runs over the past two seasons.  RtB projections have Braun blasting 27 home runs this season, which will comfortably put him on top of the franchise.

The Milwaukee Brewers have never been a team that has had a long-term slugger, although they have had many good hitters and sluggers for a short time.  They have had a player hit 30 or more home runs in a season 36 times, highlighted by Prince Fielder‘s 50, in 2007.

The Brewers top ten franchise home run leaders are as follows:

  1. Robin Yount – 251
  2. Ryan Braun – 230
  3. Prince Fielder – 230
  4. Geoff Jenkins – 212
  5. Gorman Thomas – 208
  6. Cecil Cooper – 201
  7. Ben Oglivie – 176
  8. Greg Vaughn – 169
  9. Jeromy Burnitz – 165
  10. Paul Molitor – 160

To put this in perspective, the Brewers franchise leader of 251, is better only than 5 other franchises.  The Marlins Giancarlo Stanton and Dan Uggla are atop their franchise, tied at 154 apiece.  Then, the Padres Nate Colbert comes in at 163, followed by the Rays Evan Longoria at 184.  The next two are the Diamondbacks Luis Gonzalez at 224 and then the Expos/Nationals Vladimir Guerrero at 234.

There are many exciting things that a healthy Ryan Braun can bring to the Brewers franchise in 2015.  If Braun can return to his MVP form, there’s is no limit that will be too high, including a pennant run.  Look for one of the milestones along the way of Braun becoming the franchise leader in home runs.