Milwaukee Brewers Make Baseball Tonight’s Top 100 List


ESPN’s Baseball Tonight listed their top 100 players and it included three players that play for the Milwaukee Brewers.  It will probably come as a surprise to no one that these three players are Jonathan Lucroy, Carlos Gomez, and Ryan Braun.

Lucroy, who didn’t make the previous years top 100, came in at number 24 overall, and the third best catcher.  Ahead of him, in the catchers position, are Buster Posey, at number 10, and Yadier Molina, at number 23.  I personally think this is pretty accurate, as far as the top 3 catchers are concerned, and that Lucroy will soon be considered better than Molina.

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Gomez, who I consider to be the best defensive outfielder in all of baseball, came in at number 27 overall, and the third best center fielder.  The top two rated center fielders are number 1 overall rated player, Mike Trout, and the number 3 overall rated player, Andrew McCutchen.  Gomez is a far superior defensive center fielder than the other two and isn’t too far behind in the offensive category, either.

Braun, who has been marred by injury and suspension over the past few seasons, was rated as the number 61 overall player and the 6th best right fielder.  Braun has the potential to be in the top 5, comfortably, as he demonstrated during his MVP season, and I hope he can return to that old form this season.  The five right fielders that landed ahead of him are; Giancarlo Stanton (4th overall), Jose Bautista (14th overall), Yasiel Puig (19th overall), Bryce Harper (34th overall), and Jason Heyward (52nd overall).

In case you were wondering, the rest of the top 10 goes like this:

1. Trout – who was ranked 1st in 2014 as well

2. Clayton Kershaw – ranked 3rd in 2014

3. McCutchen – ranked 4th in 2014

4. Stanton – ranked 27th in 2014

5. Felix Hernandez – also ranked 5th in 2014

6. Miguel Cabrera – ranked 2nd in 2014

7. Chris Sale – ranked 18th in 2014

8. Robinson Cano – ranked 7th in 2014

9. Paul Goldschmidt – ranked 16th in 2014

10. Posey – ranked 9th in 2014.

Lucroy, who was not on this list last season, had a breakout year that really grabbed the national media’s attention.  Hopefully their will be another Brewer that mimics the success that Lucroy enjoyed last season, as well as the contributions we are hoping will come again from Gomez and Braun.  If I were to guess who this might be, I would throw three names out.

Khris Davis; who is poised to build on the year that he had last year, needs to be able to hit more consistently.  Adam Lind; finally the Brewers will have an everyday first baseman again, and I think he may enjoy the hitter friendly confines of Miller Park.  And lastly, Wily Peralta; the next step to becoming the ace of the staff could come after another successful season, and a more consistent conclusion to the season.