Top Milwaukee Brewers Minor League Hitting Seasons: A Preview and Primer


In keeping with last year’s minor league theme (Top Minor League Teams in Milwaukee Brewers History), this season’s series will roll out the top individual hitting seasons in Milwaukee Brewers minor league history.

With the difference in eras, leagues, ballparks, and hitter’s age in relation to the league level, this is a bit tougher than it seems. I came up with my own convoluted rating system (I think it is mine alone, but might not be) that gives points for hitters in a pitcher’s park and players younger than average at that level, while subtracting points for hitters in a bandbox (think El Paso) and older players at levels they should be far beyond.

My system counts total bases, runs scored, RBIs, and stolen bases along with a few other stats to come up with ‘adjusted total bases.’ That is compared to plate appearances to come up with a ‘total base percentage.’ From there, adjustments for age and ballpark yield a final ‘total base percentage.’

Player position and defensive ability are not factored in; this is a hitting ranking only, with a dash of speed tossed in.

I will post one player per week starting at #25 until we get to the best minor league season for a hitter.

Of the 25 spots, there are four players that appear on my list twice, all others appear only once. There are two players on the list that played on the same team in the same year and both cracked over 50 home runs. One of these players had the best ‘raw’ score, but his advanced age and the fact he played in a hitter’s ballpark dropped him to eighth overall. Another player on the same squad banged 34 homers, so this yard was a launching pad.

Five players on this list have not played in the majors, although two of them still have a shot, included a recently traded Brewer.

Only ‘A’ leagues or higher are considered–no ‘short season’ teams have been factored in to these rankings.

I welcome healthy discussion and will say in advance that I might have missed a player or two. After looking at 170 teams and approximately 3500 player seasons, it is entirely possible.

The first post will appear on Monday, April 6. Enjoy the posts and I look forward to your comments.