Milwaukee Brewers Should Consider Working Jean Segura at Second Base


There are not too many untouchable players on the Milwaukee Brewers’ 25-man roster, but Jean Segura is adding his name to that list this season.

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Yes, 2014 was a dreadful, nightmarish season as his production took a major hit, but so far in 2015 he has looked like a new man. Hitting at the top of the order, he has been arguably the best hitter on the Brewers roster throughout April. With a system that is stocked full of shortstop prospects and an opening right now at the major league level at second base, it is time that Segura gets some looks at second.

Segura will probably not be able to outplay the talents like Orlando Arcia in the future, but moving to second base would give the Brewers a very attractive middle of the diamond for a long time. At just 25-years-old, the 2013 all-star would bring stellar defense and a bat that could play well at the top of the order.

When originally coming up to the majors, many first pictured Segura as a future second baseman. Without imposing size, Segura has the make-up to convert to second base for the long term. Not only does he have strong range, but his tremendous arm strength would play up at the position.

In his minor league career, Segura played 222 games at second base (86 more than he did at shortstop). Right now he is the best option on the roster at shortstop, but with the current situation that the team is in both record-wise and injury-wise, this could be the perfect opportunity to get his feet wet at the position at the major league level.

The future of the Milwaukee Brewers roster has a lot of question marks, but if there is one name that should be there it is Segura. There are plenty of middle infielders in the system, but having a middle infield with both Arcia and Segura could be something really special.

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