Milwaukee Brewers: Bob Uecker Freed From Booth


All of my life I have listened to games on the radio and it is definitely worth it. Whether the Milwaukee Brewers have a big lead or are down, Bob Uecker always has a way to make every game great. Whether it is the stories that he tells like last season’s Wrigley Field sitcom idea or the excitement he brings to each game, he has a way to always make things better. Today’s game has been no exception.

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While the Brewers’ offense has broke-out today, Uecker and his partner Joe Block had a career first, as they were trapped in the booth for over an hour. As he broke down both the game and everything around him, the commentary was priceless.

It doesn’t get any better than Uecker today’s game proved that. Some complain about things like him not telling scores enough throughout innings or him being off task, but in my opinion no one paints a better picture of what is happening than Uecker.

Since I was four-years-old Bob Uecker has been a giant part of my summers as hearing his voice just seems to make everything better. As his career winds down take the opportunity to listen to him any chance you can get, because it doesn’t get much better than that.