Milwaukee Brewers Select Nathan Kirby With Second Pick


With their first selection the Milwaukee Brewers took an outfielder instead of a pitcher like I thought they would pick. But with their second pick the Brewers got their pitcher with a high upside in Nathan Kirby. By drafting Kirby they have a left handed stater who could soon be a top of the rotation arm. Here is a look at what Kirby will bring to Milwaukee.

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In his three years with Virgina, Kirby started in the bullpen and then moved to the top of the rotation last season. In 2014, he went 9-3 with a 2.06 ERA while averaging just under one strikeout per inning. These numbers helped solidify himself as one of the best left handed pitchers in all of the NCAA as he led the Cavilers to the National Championship game last season.

This season, while he missed time with a lat-strain, he has gone 5-2 with a in 59.1 innings while striking out 75 hitters.

By selecting Kirby, it looks like the Brewers may have gotten another steal. Many like and Baseball America had him projected as a first rounder, but it appears that injury may have led to his falling to the 40th pick. As noted in the tweet above, Kirby can has not only a power fastball, but also a slider and change up that can keep hitters guessing at the plate.

Though they didn’t get their pitcher with the 15th pick, it looks like the Brewers are going to be just fine with their new arm. By getting an arm like Kirby they have a pitcher that could be built around in the future helping to move the rebuilding process forward quickly.

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