Milwaukee Brewers Tyrone Perry Could Bring Big Time Power


Every pick matters in the MLB draft. Not only are top pick often projected to become stars, but later picks can have a big impact, too. Just looking at last night, former first rounder Taylor Jungmann shined in his debut, while former 32th round pick Jason Rogers powered the Brewers’ offense.

Around the league, former 12th round pick Chris Heston, threw a no-hitter for the San Francisco Giants, while former number one overall pick Carlos Correa, slugged his first major league home run. No matter where players are picked, they can still go on to strong big league career.

Today, the Brewers selected first-baseman Tyrone Perry with their 14th round selection. While the Florida Prep first baseman has a long way to go, here is why he could become a big impact player in Milwaukee.

With plenty of size (Perfect Game lists him at 6’1” 260) and power Perry has a lot of Prince Fielder in him. Listed as a below average defensive first baseman, Perry has excellent pull power. In an article written earlier by Clint Logenecker of Baseball America, Perry’s hit a home run with an exit speed of 104.5 MPH.

While he does have this sheer power, the flaws noted in the same article were his poor swing and a miss rate and his struggle to hit the ball the other way, which he appears to be working on.

Perry is a Florida State commit, but at the age of 19 and a half, his signing could be strongly considered. The Brewers have players like Nick Ramirez, Jason Rogers and others who have shown minor league power, but no one in the system has the raw power that Perry can bring.

Perry may not be a strong defender, he may not have speed, but with a fearsome left handed swing, the ball looks to just jump off of his bat. These final two tweets show the massive power that Perry could bring to the table as he could pepper the right field bleachers at Miller Park with his gigantic blasts.

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