10 Milwaukee Brewers Listed as “Top-40 MLB Trade Candidates”


Recently, Jon Heyman of CBS Sports compiled a list of the top-40 MLB trade candidates. While player like Troy Tulowitzki and Cole Hamels topped the list, the Milwaukee Brewers were front and center with 10 players littered throughout. While I don’t see several of them going anywhere, here is a where he had them ranked and whether or not I think they will be dealt.

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33. Kyle Lohse

Kyle Lohse‘s season numbers have been absolutely brutal. Though he was expected to be the leader of the Brewers pitching staff, he currently leads the league in both earned runs and home runs allowed. Even with an ERA over six and a pitcher struggling to keep the ball in the park, I believe that there are still teams that may take a chance on him (though the return will be very low). Heyman mentioned the Houston Astros as a team that could take a chance on him.


32. Matt Garza

Matt Garza has been down this road before as the deadline nears. His biggest issue this season has been a struggle with big innings. While often times having years left on a contract could help, Garza’s large salary remaining could be a crutch in getting something of value for him in a trade.


27. Will Smith

There are not many great lefty relievers in baseball, but Will Smith is one of them. When the post season comes having a strong, left handed arm helps to shorten and lessen the stress on a manager. The Brewers traded Nori Aoki to get him and if they were to trade away his arm that cannot become a free agent until 2020, they could see nice value in return.


24. Francisco Rodriguez

After a roller-coaster type year last season, Rodriguez has been excellent this year. He has been a perfect 12 for 12 in save chances and struck out 24 in 22 innings. If an injury happens to a contending team’s closer he could bring value in return, however as Heyman noted, his backloaded contract could make dealing him an issue.


21. Aramis Ramirez

Aramis Ramirez is in the final year of his career and I don’t see him finishing with Milwaukee. While his numbers are down, he still brings value as a veteran power bat. Sources have noted that the Mets deal is over, but if Wright cannot come back and they are still in contention, I wouldn’t be surprised if talks heated up again. He won’t bring a lot in return because of his contract and playing in his final season, but I do feel he will be moved.


19. Jean Segura

I see Jean Segura very valued piece of the future for the Milwaukee Brewers. He is much improved at the plate this season and though they are stocked throughout the minor leagues at shortstop, I don’t expect to see him go.


16. Adam Lind

Lind has plenty of value. Not only has he mashed right handed pitching in his career, but with a team friendly option for next year he could be very coveted. Heyman listed the Cardinals as a possible suitor and I could see a team like the Mariners also taking a chance on his bat.


14. Gerardo Parra

Gerardo Parra is a excellent, Gold Glove type outfielder who has often been the backup in Milwaukee, but even with Khris Davis out the Brewers need to move his expiring contract. He is cheap, affordable and his ability to play all three outfield positions at a high level would be a great addition to a contending team.


10. Ryan Braun

Heyman listed Braun as 10th on the list, it was noted that one GM said that he would “scared to death of the PR and contract” if they added him. While Braun has shown power again this season, I see his biggest value coming in the winter if the Brewers are to move him.


4. Carlos Gomez

Gomez is the player that the Brewers must move in these next two months. While I love his passion and energy, he is the one player that could net a giant return. With another year left before free agency, opposing teams would be expected to sweeten a deal even more if they were to acquire Gomez. With MVP-type value, Gomez must be dealt.


Others not mentioned:

Jonathan Broxton

Broxton’s season numbers have been awful, but I still feel that he could be dealt before the deadline. While he has been pounded and has an ERA of nearly six and a half, he his velocity and strikeout rate has been as strong as ever. They won’t get much for him, but a team looking for a veteran arm may possibly come calling.

Scooter Gennett

Earlier in the year, there were rumors that the Los Angeles Angels had interest in Gennett. While he has been bad at the plate to start the year, he is a career .287 hitter who has shown surprising power. With a ton of middle infield depth in the organization, it will be interesting to see where Gennett’s future lies.

Mike Fiers

Fiers is 2-6 with a 4.06 ERA, but his numbers have been much closer to his 3.46 FIP and he has been much better as of late. As a strikeout pitcher, he is averaging a career high 10.5 strikeouts per nine innings. While I love his arm and would like to see him stay in Milwaukee, at 29-years-old I’m not sure how big of a role he would have in the future.

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