Milwaukee Brewers Won’t Sign Draft Pick Donny Everett


The Milwaukee Brewers took a lot of chances with high upside talent in the 2015 draft. Many of the players that they took in the late rounds of the draft were seen as risks, but also would have been seen as big rewards if they were to have signed.

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One player that will not be a Milwaukee Brewer is 29th round pick, Donny Everett. Yesterday, Jon Heyman tweeted that Everett will uphold his commitment to Vanderbilt and not sign with Milwaukee.

As one of the best prep arms available in the entire draft, Everett was worth the risk for Milwaukee, as he would have been a huge addition to the system. At 6’2”, 220, Everett already has a big frame to go along with his big time fastball that clocks in the upper 90’s. By going to Vanderbilt he will join a school that has developed some of the best pitcher in the game today and most likely develop into a future first round draft pick.

Before the draft, Everett was ranked as the 23rd best draft prospect according to With the signing deadline approaching, it is not a surprise that Everett will be heading to school.

The biggest name to watch over the next few hours is Virgina left-hander, Nathan Kirby. The Brewers were lucky to have his name still around when they selected him and he would be a major boost to the every-improving minor league system.

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