Milwaukee Brewers: Wily Peralta Ready; Kyle Lohse Must Go


Wily Peralta is set to return soon to the Milwaukee Brewers rotation. As a pitcher who is viewed as the future ace, the Brewers are looking to have a pretty strong rotation going forward. With young arms that are excelling and Matt Garza who could be too expensive to move, the Brewers have no choice but to let Lohse go.

Earlier in the year our own Kyle Lesniewski wrote that this day could come this year for Lohse and it has finally arrived. While he could have been an arm to be moved earlier in the year, it seems hard to imagine that a starter who has struggled mightily all season would bring any value in a trade to a roster looking to improve.

There is hope that the Brewers could hope a team would hope a change of scenery would help in a Lohse trade, but at this point I don’t see that happening. Currently this year, Lohse leads the league in losses, earned runs, hits allowed and his 6.29 ERA is nowhere near where the Brewers hoped it would be. Not only have opposing offenses racked up hits and runs, but he also has allowed an astounding 23 home runs in 113 innings, which is averaging almost two home runs per nine innings.

After three great minor league rehab outings, Peralta has nothing left to prove in the minors. He went five innings in his last start in Biloxi, and in his 11.1 innings in the minors, he has allowed just two runs while posting an ERA of 1.59.

By adding him to the mix in the rotation, the Brewers rotation could become the best it has been all year. Having a rotation with Mike Fiers and young arms like Jimmy Nelson and Taylor Jungmann could give fans an exiting arm to watch on almost a nightly basis.

Decision time is right around the corner and Lohse simply has to go. Even a move to the bullpen at this point simply could not be justified if they were to move another arm down. There is no reason that Peralta needs to stay down in AAA for another week, although the deadline is near and the Brewers could have a slim opportunity to move Lohse, they need to simply cut their losses and just let him go.

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