Milwaukee Brewers: Nathan Kirby Makes Rattlers’ Rotation Even Better


Entering Saturday, the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers had just 32 wins, but that means very little. The bats have been very mediocre all year, but already with three of the best arms in the system playing there, the Rattlers’ staff is set to get even more exciting with the upcoming addition of Nathan Kirby, the 40th overall pick of the 2015 draft.

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Currently, the rotation already boasts arms like Devin Williams, Kodi Medeiros and Cody Ponce. By adding Kirby, the team will now feature a second top of rotation type left handed arm will be very tough to face in the Midwest League on a nightly basis.

Though Kirby was battling an injury before finally inking his contract earlier in the month, he enters the system with high expectations. He showed how good he could be in the College World Series and was just as good throughout his college career. If it wasn’t for his non arm related injury during the season, he most likely would have been a top ten pick in the draft.

His first start has yet to be announced, but when it happens the Rattlers will be must watch on a nearly nightly basis. Many around the league overlook the Brewers’ system, but with exciting arms like these it is hard to not be excited about what the future brings. Things have not gone as planned in Milwaukee, but just a short trip north Brewers’ fans can find hope in arms like Kirby.

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