Milwaukee Brewers Owe Mets a Thank You Card


Anger, frustration and confusion were the major feelings of last night, as the Carlos Gomez trade broke down. Anger after the visualizing Zack Wheeler as a significant piece of the rotation going forward. Frustration over the thoughts that Gomez’s trade value was going to be gone after the seemingly falsified injury reports and confusion as conflicting reports took up the entire Twitter feed.

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But just a day later, after things looked bleak and Gomez looked to be an unmovable piece the Brewers received a haul from the Houston Astros. With possibly one of the biggest moves made in recent years, the Brewers owe the Mets a Thank You card.

Though the Brewers major league roster will be weakened in the short term, the minor league depth will be outstanding. Just days after seeing the updated prospect list from, the Brewers will have plenty of names from the trade to add to their organizational top-30 list, including two more players who are ranked in the top-100 overall and they owe it all to the New York Mets.

The biggest addition is outfielder, Brett Phillips, who has put up number in the minor leagues that Keith Law called Correa-esq. Playing in two levels of minor league ball this season, he has batted .320 with 16 homers and .925 OPS. Currently ranked as the ninth best outfielder in all of baseball, he looks like a future star in Milwaukee.

Another future star who is almost ready is Domingo Santana. While Santana hasn’t had much success in the MLB so far, he has vastly exceeded expectations in the minors. He like Philips is batting .320 with 16 home runs in the minor leagues this year.

They also received two arms in Josh Hader, who is not only left handed, but also one of the best pitchers in AA and Adrian Houser who has also recently seen a AA promotion. These pitchers will not only probably join the Brewers top-30 list, but they will also give them two upside arms who are closer to reaching the major leagues.

While frustration and anger filled Wednesday night, joy and excitement filled Thursday. Gomez and Mike Fiers will be missed, but as the team moves towards the rebuild this trade shows that the Brewers are serious about future contention and with more possible to come, a quick rebuild is very possible. A big thanks is owed to the New York Mets organization for helping to set the wheels in motion for this exceptional deal.

UPDATE: The new Brewers Top-30 has been posted on Phillips ranks 2nd, Santana 4th, Hader 14, Houser 27th.

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