Milwaukee Brewers: Trading Carlos Gomez to St. Louis Makes Sense


The happenings of last night’s almost trade is still shocking. Never before have I seen events as bizarre as what transpired with the “would be” Carlos Gomez trade. But with just over 24 hours left before the trade deadline, the injury to Matt Holliday may looks to have opened another door for the Milwaukee Brewers to trade Gomez for the future.

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With Holliday out for the foreseeable future, Gomez would be a great replacement in St. Louis. Not only would Gomez give them a solid glove to place in the outfield, but he would also give the team another thumping bat in the heart of the lineup. While dealing Gomez would strengthen the Cardinals, who are already the best team in baseball right now, the parting of prospects would make the Brewers stronger in the future and cost the Cardinals top prospects in return. If they were able to almost get Zack Wheeler from the Mets, there is plenty of potential that the Brewers could also get a top caliber pitching prospect from St. Louis. The one snag in the possible deal could again be the health of Gomez, but he has been a staple in the lineup for the past month and all reports are that his hip is fine.

Last night was exciting while it lasted. Picturing a rotation of young arms getting even stronger for the foreseeable future showed that the Brewers were serious about the rebuild. While the past few days of the trading deadline have been frustrating, seeing others go and the Brewers standing pat, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Brewers cash in on some trades in the next few hours, even if that means trading Gomez to a divisional foe.

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