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In sports, they say that the most interesting types of seasons to cover are when a team is either REALLY good or REALLY bad. The 2015 Milwaukee Brewers, now sitting at 46-63 and in the cellar of the NL Central, have fallen into the “REALLY bad” category this season, and there have been no shortage of topics to discuss. Whether it’s change in the front office, the awful record, star players under performing, under-the-radar players making a name for themselves, or the Brewers flurry of moves before the trade deadline, the Brewers have made plenty of news this season.

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I recently received some feedback from readers that were interested in me hosting a Q&A session on the site. While we don’t have the capability to do an actual chat through the site, I am here to offer you the next best thing. If you have any questions that you want answered about the Brewers: whether about the major league team, the farm system, trades, non-trades, future outlook, anything, please leave them in the comments section below. I will answer any and all Brewers’ related questions that we receive on this post in a separate article. With the Brewers making a significant shift in organization philosophy through their personnel moves last week, I’m sure that many fans have questions they want answered, making now a perfect time to host this type of Q&A.

I will be fielding questions via this post throughout the rest of the day, and will put together all my answers later on this evening. I look forward to having the opportunity to interact with you, our loyal readers, and to share all of my knowledge of our beloved local nine with you to answer your most burning questions.

Remember, please leave your questions in the comments section below!

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