Milwaukee Brewers: Big Future For Shuckers Playoff Rotation


The Biloxi Shuckers rotation for the Southern League Championship has been announced and it is hard not to like the team’s chances. Coming off a playoff series where a starting pitcher didn’t allow an earned run, the Shuckers’ starters clearly give the team the edge in the league championship. Here is a glimpse at who they have going each night and why it is a nightmare for their opponents.

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Jorge Lopez-Game One

Lopez is the ace among the group of aces on the staff. He finished second in the league in ERA and won the Southern League player of the year. Of all the Brewers in the system, he may have had the most impressive season. He was unhittable in almost every start of the season and he has all of the makings of being Brewers’ next home-grown ace.

Adrian Houser-Game Two

Houser was almost the forgotten man in the blockbuster Carlos Gomez/Mike Fiers trade, but he is pitching like he has a chip on his shoulder. Since joining the organization he has been unbeatable and he is coming off his best start of the year (complete game 99-pitch shutout in game two).

Tyler Wagner-Game Three

Lopez was named pitcher of the year, but it can be argued that Wagner had an even better year than he had. He finished first in the league in ERA and even pitched well enough to make his debut in Milwaukee earlier in the year. Every year he has pitched in the system he has been in the top-10 in ERA and he seems to just keep getting better with age.

Josh Hader-Game Four

Hader didn’t get to pitch in the first round, but he also has been incredible since joining the Brewers in the Astros trade. Don’t let his 1-4 Biloxi record fool you, his 2.79 ERA and five to one strikeout to walk ratio are much more telling to how well he has pitched. My guess is that he will be the next lefty arm to finally pitch in the Brewers’ rotation.

Jorge Ortega-Game Five

Ortega isn’t currently a top 30 Brewers’ prospect according to, but he finished the season as the Florida State League ERA leader. On the mound, he attacks hitters and throws strikes. He has a ways to go, but this season certainly can help to build his confidence for the future.

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