Milwaukee Brewers: Dealing Matt Garza Would be Offseason Miracle


There are plenty of things that could be on the Milwaukee Brewers wish list this offseason. They could look for a way to get younger and continually build their system by dealing a guy like Khris Davis, Jean Segura or Adam Lind. They could go out and find a long term answer at the corner infield positions. But if there is one move that would be a gigantic difference maker in the future it would be the trading of Matt Garza. Here is a look at why a move of that nature would be an offseason dream come true.

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Garza’s 2015 season has been an absolute nightmare. After tinkering with mechanics this spring, it seemed that nothing panned out for him all year long. He struggled in nearly every start and was destroyed by the big inning as he allowed a career high 93 runs in just 25 starts.

Not only was his win loss record (6-14) and his ERA (5.63) poor, but his 4.95 FIP wasn’t much better. Instead of being a leader on a young staff, he was anything but as he was not only removed from the rotation, but he also refused a demotion to the bullpen.

While finding a taker for a guy coming off a disastrous season will be difficult, Garza is not truly as bad as his numbers indicate. I could still see a team take a chance on him even with his contract status, similarly to the Pirates taking a chance on A.J. Burnett after his brutal time with the New York Yankees.

If Garza was dealt, the 2016 rotation will become much younger and even more exciting. Jorge Lopez dominated again in his start in tonight’s championship game for the Shuckers and he is becoming a very realistic option in the rotation very soon. With Garza out of the way, the Brewers rotation in 2016 would be all cheap, young starters with high-upside.

Garza’s attitude towards his demotion unacceptable and if there is one thing I wish for this winter, his removal from the roster would be my number one priority. It is a stretch, it’s a long shot, the return would be almost nothing, but there is nothing that I want to see happen more.

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